Maharana Pratap 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 26th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Pratap climb on rope and says, i will find another way. Phool kanwar says, no no you have to climb with this rope. Ajabdehi says, ya there is another way. Hansa come and says, i have selected turbon for you. Pratap says, i am sorry , i forget to came near to you. Hansa says, i have never call you. Pratap says, ok now i got it. their is something wrong. Jalim singh come and pratap says, i am very frightened to climb on this and this work will done by some brave person and jalim singh says, i will do this. As jalim singh tries to climb rope cut broken down and jalim singh fall down.
Jalal says, i know gohar has done good work to kill haibat khan but it is really impossible for her to kill pratap, infact it is impossible for her to come in front of me. Gohar break

the security of jalal and here pratap done all the tricks with jalim singh that was thought by phool kanwar. Pratap says, think something more better for me next time. Gohar throw knife in front of jalal. Jalal gets angry and says, who does this? Gohar came and says, i make my own way.
Phool says to ajabdehi that i cannot live on same terrace with pratap. Hansa mosi came with his son. Ajabdehi says, can i bring my brother in my hand. Hansa says, your father will be coming. Ajabdehi says, ok no problem and she tries to move then mamrat ji came and shows anger but pratap says, what happens? Mamrat ji says, i am get tensed due to pandit ji. Pratap says, chakrapani will do this. He is from brahman community.
Jalal says, how dare you to kill my soldier. Gohar says, dont get upset on that soldier who forget their duty for a girl.
Pandit ji came and says, i get tensed because of my daughter’s marriage. Chakrapani gets tensed and he fell down and pratap ask, what happen to you chakrapani? Chakrapani says, nothing. Chakrapani says, can i help you pandit ji? Pandit ji says, i dont need any help. we are doing this work from many years. Hansa mosi says, his meaning is not to stopping you. He has done all the preparation for you. Pandit ji says, then he is really very talented. Chakrapani says something from eyes. Phool see all this and says to ajabdehi, their is something wrong in between them, i want to know.
Manga says to jalal, what do you think now for gohar. Jalal says, she is good but i cant believe that she will kill pratap. Gohar says, what kind of work that i cant do. Jalal says, i want to kill pratap. Gohar says, i am feeling good that you had choose me for this work and i will kill pratap soon.

Precap:- Afgani king came and handshake with jalal and pratap says, who is trying to undertaken our boundaries. GOhar is trying to come inside the bijolia fort as a dancing teacher.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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