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Ajabde is cooking dinner while Pratap looks on. She mistakenly rubs her hands on her cheeks and the flour sticks on it. She notices the smile on his face. You only have spoiled me. I used to do all this so easily in Bijolia. He bends down to cut brinjal (just like the way he uses sword) but in vain. She points out that there is a difference between a knife and a sword. These vegetables are not your enemies. The Kunwar Pratap who couldn’t be defeated by Akbar or Mughals got defeated by a brinjal today. He notices that she is feeling cold so he goes and brings a shawl for her. She is startled when he puts it around her and turns to look at him. they share a long romantic eye lock. She then realises that she has put the lentil on the gas. He picks up logs of woods, looks at her and then tries

to break them when his thumb gets hurt. She immediately rushes to his side. they share another eye lock as she sucks his thumb to stop the blood. Lightning strikes. Ajabde hugs him in fear. She looks at him coyly as they break the hug. He leans closer for a kiss but she runs away feeling shy.

Somewhere nearby, there is some music and dance program going on. Pratap follows Ajabde. She runs away again when he tries to kiss her on the neck. She is breathing heavily, feeling all shy. This time he holds her hand. they both consummate their marriage.

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Next morning, Akbar is flipping through some pages of a book but looks angry. Salima comes there. This is great that you are trying to study. It will prove out to be helpful for you in future. He doesn’t reply and clearly looks angry. She walks closer, puts her hand on his shoulder but he recalls her previous meeting with BK. He gets up and turns his back at her. I can sense something foul coming from you. I am not able to tolerate it. she says maybe he is feeling enmity regarding someone. He holds her by her hairs. When that happens then that feeling stays for life. It ruins them. She doesn’t mind it. Plus I threw away that smell (perfume) that moment only in a flowerpot kept nearby. He tells her that he doesn’t like all these games. Poor Khan Baba will go mad in his misunderstandings. She in turns tells him that she is getting mad for him.

A soldier comes to tell him something. Akbar suggests Salima to go to her room as her beauty is killing his personal feelings. He leaves her and then turns to the soldier. Hope this info is good or you wont be spared. Soldier informs him about Tulsidas. He is the same Pandit who has written a book on Ram. He even claims that he can give vision to blind people and can make dead people alive. Akbar laughs hearing it. you believe it? Soldier nods. Akbar agrees to reach his court immediately. He even invites Salima to come with him as it will be fun.

Akbar and Salima take their respective places in the court. Tulsidas walks inside along with the soldiers upon hearing his orders. Akbar points out to him that everyone has to bend their heads with respect before Shehanshah-e-Hind. Has no one told you that? Tulsidas replies with a mantra (whatever happens, happens as per Shree Ram’s wish). Akbar is irked hearing it. Enough of your chanting! Is it true that you give vision to blind and can bring dead people to life?

Tulsidas replies that he is no one to do that. His Shree Ram is the one who can make it happen. He is the God and we all are mere beggars in this world. One of the courtesans loses his cool but Akbar signals him to hold on. Tulsidas continues, Ram helps his devotees all the time. I am just a medium. He is the one who can give or do anything. He only has given us roles as per our capabilities. You got to rule so you can take care of the happiness of your people without being arrogant; so you can serve him. the courtesan is again angry and so is Akbar. Focus on the main question. Tulsidas says I just said a prayer for that person and my Ram ji heard my prayer. He only has done it all actually. Everything happens as per his wish only. Akbar asks him if he can repeat the same miracle before him. Tulsidas says Lord Ram blesses his devotees. He cannot be made a joke in an ordinary King’s court. Akbar gets miffed. You are refusing to do so before me. he orders his soldiers to arrest Tulsidas and cut him in 1000 pieces. Tulsidas is all calm while a soldier ties his hands. Tulsidas chants Hanuman Chalisa all along. A light circles around him. Everyone looks on in confusion. A conch shell plays in the background. The atmosphere turns dark / stormy outside. The monkeys in the jungle are shown. All the monkeys inch closer to the palace. A giant shadow (of Hanuman ji) appears outside the palace. Tulsidas chants Jai Shree Ram and Jai Hanuman in the end.

Some soldiers come inside running, all scared. We have been badly attacked. Akbar wonders who can attack Shehanshah-e-Hind. One of the soldiers replies that lakhs of monkeys have appeared out of nowhere. They are attacking us. They are heading towards the palace. They all hear the angry shouts of the monkeys and are alarmed. Epi ends on Akbar’s face.

Precap: Salima tells Akbar to release the pandit with all due to respect right away. this is the only way to save ourselves from this problem. DB suggests literally begging Pratap to return home but US declines. no one will do so. He thinks I cannot live without him? no one will go to meet him. this is my order. If anyone goes to bring him back here then the consequences wont be good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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