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Chakrapani shares that he has a doubt on Raimal ji. Ajabde and Pratap are taken aback. Acharya says we have a doubt only. Raimal diverts the topic all the time when we talk about the unity of Rajputana. He always twists the topic to competition. Chakrapani adds that he has seen Raimal talking to Bhagwan Das often. Bhagwan Das is loyal to Akbar. Pratap cannot hurt his Choti Ma as she will be hurt if she finds out about that I doubt her brother. DB comes there just then. Everyone goes quiet. She shares her happiness with him upon his victory. Now no one can stop you from fulfilling your dream. Dada bhai Raimal told me how happy everyone was with your victory. He speaks a little too much / off topic at times but he respects you a lot. She leaves. Pratap tells Chakrapani that it isn’t right to

doubt their own family members. We only have to look forward so we can fulfil our dream. He is about to leave for the court when Ajabde stops him. I too don’t want to doubt any of our family members but we cannot ignore the facts. Someone surely wants you not to be successful in your aim. Pratap says when you see everyone in the court bound by the promise to face Mughals then your doubts will go away. Victory always sides with positive people. See how Chandrasen changed. She still thinks that his own loved one is waiting to backstab him.

JB finishes her puja. DB tells her about Pratap winning the competition. She offers her sweets when JB turns. The wind was trying to blow off the diya. You know I trust my instincts more than the people who bring sweets for me. DB is irked that she is continuing to talk negatively all the time. What’s the point of doing so much puja if you think negative all the time? I am better than you in that sense. JB clearly tells her not to try to make their relation better as it will never happen. A tearful DB walks out of the room. JB looks at the diya.

Chakrapani and Acharya find the pot in which the liquor was. Jagmal panics. Now they will catch us soon.

In the court, every king congratulates Pratap. Jagmal tells his uncle to do something. We are losing it. Raimal too is forced to congratulate Pratap. Rani Durgawati says Pratap has done what he spoke of. We cannot doubt his intentions or capabilities now. He has left us speechless. Bhagwan Das asks if Marwar has agreed to kneel down before Pratap because of Chandrasen’s defeat. Raimal says CHandrasen, the so called brave heart, failed and has no option to agree to Pratap’s terms. Pratap talks highly of Chandrasen. We haven’t gathered here to discuss about victory or defeat but of unity of Rajputana. Chandrasen supports him. He asks his brother Ram Singh to be the first person to accept Pratap’s proposal. Ram Singh wants to discuss first with Kalyan ji before giving his final word. Pratap nods. It is a very important decision. The kings go aside to talk. Jagmal again tells his uncle that if this happens then he will be ruined. Raimal and Jagmal walk out of the court. They overhear Chakrapani and Acharya discussing about what was done to the horses. Pratap must find out about it. Acharya tells him that they will talk to Pratap at the right time. Jagmal thinks that now they will be finished. They wont take time to track us down. We are finished! Raimal is in thoughts.

Ram Singh and Kalyan ji jointly agree to support Pratap. Bhagwan Das looks miffed. Before Ram Singh and Kalyan ji can say anything, Raimal puts all the blame on Chandrasen. He messed with both the horses. This is no step towards unity but cheating. Your horse was fed alcohol right before the competition. You can cross check with your Acharya. Pratap asks his Acharya about it. Acharya replies that he is still investigating the issue. We cannot blame anyone without any proof especially Chandrasen. Raimal says only Chandrasen could benefit from your defeat. This irks Chandrasen and Ram Singh. Ram Singh hints that someone from the family only can do it. No outsider can do it. Jagmal takes out his sword. Ram Singh too reaches out for his sword. The situation gets tensed. Chandrasen too takes out his sword too. I too cannot listen to anything against my brother.

Precap: Ram Singh and Chandrasen walk out of the court as people only talk about fights and conspiracies here. Kalyan ji and Rani Durgawati follow suit.

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