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Phool burns the medicine in fire. All the mice come out of their hiding place as the smell spreads around. they walk directly in the fire and die. Phool tells Raj vaid that now no more persons will fall ill. You must look after the already diseased person. I will take care of Amar first of all. She denies. Treat every single person, kid which comes your way. Maan is impressed by her. we have never seen this side of yours. Phool says I too haven’t seen this side of mine till date. She thinks that her inspiration is actually Rana ji.

Pratap tells Shalimar not to worry. I will come soon to save you. Shalimar fights with the Mughal soldiers. Pratap beats with Raza. Maroosh steps forward but no attack affects him. Maroosh and Raza join hands against Pratap.

The medicine has started

to show an effect on Amar. Phool thanks God. She receives Pratap’s message. She tells daasi’s to gather the citizens of Udaipur asap. I will tell them about this message myself. All the citizens gather outside the palace. Phool addresses them. I want you to stay updated with whatever is happening in the warzone. I will tell you the message word by word. We might lose the war even after giving our best. You should all head to jungle as soon as you can if that happens. I know how tough it is to leave the house that you build with so much love. But Mughals will not spare us if we don’t leave Udaipur. The Chittor siege should not repeat. Mewar, Udaipur, our history, our values and traditions will also live if we live. Our motive to give a fitting reply to Mughals will live with us. Rana ji sent this message as he loves you all so much. He wants to protect you even when he is in the middle of the war. People cheer for their Maharana. Phool asks Maan to do Savitri puja. We can pray for the long life of our brave fighters.

Bailol Khan mocks Shalimar. Your BIL dint come to save you. how long shall we wait? He starts beating / slapping Shalimar. Raza gets killed by Pratap. Shalimar continues fighting bravely even though he is badly wounded.

The ladies make preps for the puja. Maan goes to get a diya for herself.

Shalimar beats Bailol Khan. Maan Singh notices Bailol Khan losing strength. Bailol Khan falls down before Shalimar while fighting.

Maan tries lighting her diya but fails. She panics. All her attempts to light it fail.

Shalimar is about to kill Bailol Khan when Maan Singh stabs him from behind. Pratap and all his commanders observe this sadly. Bailol Khan thanks Maan Singh. I am sorry for doubting you. You can return to your place now. Maan Singh replies that he only saved his friend. Pratap reaches his BIL but it is too late. He is dead by now. Your sacrifice will not go waste. I will always be indebted to you. I regret not helping my sister’s husband yet I am proud of how bravely you fought with your enemies. Shalimar’s father is sad to lose his son. I am also proud of his sacrifice. Very lucky people get such kids. Pratap vows that he wont let this sacrifice go waste. I will fill this Haldi Ghaati with the blood of Mughals. I wont spare them! Maan Singh! Shalimar’s father caresses his son’s face.

A soldier greets Phool and all the ladies. I have a sad news for you. Maan breaks down. Phool and everyone comfort her.

Pratap calls out for Maan Singh. Bailol Khan says I had already killed your BIL. Maan Singh only gave the final blow. Your BIL’s death made me very happy. Maan Singh orders Maroosh to stand in Pratap’s way. He shouldn’t reach Bailol Khan at any cost. Maroosh heads towards Pratap.

Maan wants to die. My husband is no more. my husband died while fighting bravely. I will follow suit. I will do Jauhar. Phool runs after her to stop her.

Maroosh tells Pratap that nothing can harm him. my mother put me in boiling water when I was born. No pain has affected me since then. Pratap attacks him but he continues laughing. Mughal soldiers attack Pratap side by side. Chetak pushes Maroosh. Chetak neighs at Pratap. I understood what you want. He mounts on Chetak and hits Maroosh.

A soldier tells Akbar about Bailol Khan killing Pratap’s BIL. He has got really angry. He is mercilessly killing every soldier that stands in his way to Bailol Khan.

Precap: Bheem Singh is dead. Pratap steps over the dead bodies of Mughal soldiers and kills Bailol Khan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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