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The Episode starts with Mansoor asking his soldiers to throw a big stone to spoil Pratap’s face. He stops cutting the rope. Chetak neighs and runs. Ajabde tries to bring the cage down. Chetak stops the men while they bring a big stone. Mansoor and Pratap see Chetak coming to them. Chetak fights with the men and kicks them down. Pratap tries to come up and his hands get much wounded. Chetak beats all soldiers. He beats Mansoor also and throws a rope for Pratap. Pratap holds his rope and gets above. Rana Pratap ke khatir Chetak Dharti pe aaya tha……….. plays……… (Chetak come on earth for Pratap’s sake) Ajabde says Jai Mewar and moves the cage. The cage falls on sand ground. Badshah Khan comes out of his tent and is shocked seeing her.

Pratap comes above and thinks about Chetak,

how he has scolded the horse and Chetak was angry. He realizes he always wanted a horse like Chetak. Mansoor asks the soldiers to kill Chetak and Pratap. Pratap says he does not want to lose him and asks him to go from here. Mansoor runs. Pratap asks him to tackle soldiers and they have to save Ajabde. He leaves and Chetak stops the soldiers. Ajabde breaks the cage open by rotating it to break, taking the hammer. Pratap follows Mansoor to reach Ajabde. The soldiers come and Ajabde fights well. Pratap catches Mansoor and a fight starts. Mansoor smiles and shows him his soldiers after him, as he has come in their area now.

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Pratap and Ajabde fight with them. Chetak runs and makes the soldiers fall in their own laid trap. Pratap scolds Mansoor for hitting at back and calls him coward. Badshah Khan scolds the soldier for not being able to catch a woman. Mansoor sees Pratap beating the soldiers and gets scared. Pratap kills them. Dheer Bai asks Dhaman Singh where is Pratap if he is not in Bijolia. He says I don’t know, when I went there, he was not there. Dheer Bai says it means Ajabde sill dreams to become Mewar queen, Pratap has disguised and went there, it means Ajabde was kicked out from here and still wants to come back. A servant says Rawat ji is calling Dhaman. Dheer Bai asks did he tell him everything. He says he had no option as Rana ji was asking it. Mansoor says Chetak will be dead by now. Pratap says nothing will happen to him.

He asks him to think who will save him, and beats him. Chetak comes there. Mansoor is shocked seeing him and runs. Pratap smiles and runs to Chetak. Ajabde does sword fighting with the soldiers and does well single handedly. Badshah Khan says its surprising, how did she learn such sword fighting after marriage, she is not in control, I have to do something. Pratap says we are made by fate, you chose me when you saw me and I was fool not to identity you. He says fine, I m not a fool, you are a good friend, I will make you a valuable part of my life. He kisses Chetak and caresses him. Chetak too nods head. Pratap rides Chetak and leaves to save Ajabde.

Mansoor says Pratap has failed all of us and is coming this way. Ajabde tells Badshah Khan that his game is over now. Pratap comes and fights with Afghans. Badshah Khan asks the soldiers to kill Pratap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omggg how long will they drag this fight!! When will our dear couple finally reunite???

  2. Jyoti Chotrani

    Amena please you only write the update bcoz you write in detail so please.
    Thank you for today’s update.

  3. Please reunite ajabde and pratap. Its toooo boring now

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