Maharana Pratap 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 25th July 2013 Written Update

Bhatiyani continues her games as she gallantly persists for the king to spend the night with Jaywanta bai since she is the Chief queen. As she and Sajja leave.. the youngest queen continues her poisoning of the middle queen’s mind as to the succession of Jayvanta and her son Pratap to the seat of highest importance in Mewar.Since Pratap is destined to be the king by virtue of being her son. She further suggests that both of them should try getting used to be under her shadow … Sajja feels depressed on hearing it..

The king and queen acknowledge the importance of the upcoming test for Pratap. Jayvanta bai informs the king that his favourite queen neednot have gone out of her way to make the king spend the night with her.. The king praises Bhatiyani’s nature which puts the needs

and comforts of others before her…
Pratap reaches there after finishing his practice for the test to be held next day.He wants to learn the art of sword fighting and asks Udai to teach him.. Father and son spend time practicing the same…

Bhatiyani is in tears at her sacrifice of sending her husband to Jayvanta’s quarters…She tells Koikoi it is her way to try and put Jayvanta’s suspicion on her to rest. She will lay low till Jayvanta doesnot consider her to be an enemy for her son.

Further adding that henceforth she will use Sajja and Shakti to achieve her means…She would infuse the greed of becoming the king and queen mother in the mother and son…
And the moment Jayvanta casts her net of suspicion away from Bhatiyani ,she would arranged for Pratap to be killed…

Jayvanta the wise queen is able to see through the games of Bhatiyani.. she informs her trusted aide that her suspicion on Bhatiyani has been proved right.Bhatiyani’s action to install the Teej swing and allow Udai to spend the night with the her all of a sudden was a clear sign of her dishonest intentions.. Jayvanta makes clear her intention to wait for Bhatiyani’s next move and the day she has enough evidence to nail the queen she will present the same to the king.

At the Ashram..

The test begins for the princes and the kids of the royal household…It is of carrying water laden pots on their shoulders over a rickety structure without spilling a drop. Many fail.. Then comes the turn of Pratap and Shakti…

Sajja is worried how Shakti will perform in the test. Bhatiyani tries to use this opportunity to further poison Sajja but Jayvanta allays her fears stating both Pratap and he will be successful..

The test is ongoing.. Pratap nearly spills the water as he slips on a wodden rail but manages to control himself . He slowly makes his way acroos the bridge..Raghavendra is keenly watching his every move..

Raghavendra announces that the pupil who was successful in his test was King udai’s son Shakti Singh.. to the surprise of Udai and we see Pratap’s face which is very sad…

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