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Maharana Pratap 25th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Pratap seeing Akbar in his dream. Just bow down before me once and then your life will be good. He starts laughing. Pratap wakes up with a start saying, I wont stoop down before you Mughal! Ajabde too wakes up. She is concerned for him. He only tells her that he saw a very bad dream.

A soldier sacredly walks inside the room and informs Akbar that Bairam Khan wants to meet him. Akbar takes leaves from the girl (Salima) saying he has important work to do. Bairam Khan is waiting right outside that room itself. He doesn’t look so happy to notice Akbar walking out of Salima’s room. Akbar reminds him that it is his palace, I don’t think I have to ask anyone before coming and going anywhere. BK agrees.

Pratap holds Ajabde’s hand tightly. I have nothing

to do in life now. There is no reason, no aim, no work to do! I am feeling very weird / awkward. She starts smiling hearing his words. Saubhagyawati hears her laughter and wakes Chakrapani. He teases Saubhgyawati back saying that he too is feeling like smiling that ways. Saubhagyawati feels shy. Inside, Pratap is upset that Ajabde finds it funny. She says brave warriors like you don’t have to worry about your aims. Ekling ji would have already decided, and even initiated, a new mission for you by now.

Kashi: Next morning, the screen shifts to Kashi where the atmosphere is completely holy. There are temples where people are performing puja. People take dip in the holy water. A man takes a dip in the holy water and then offers jal to sun. He wears his khadau (wooden chappals or clogs), writes some mantras in papers with ink. He smiles thinking about Lord Ram. He does puja in the temple. Outside, people greet him (Tulsidas) with respect. One of the few people recognizes Tulsidas. He has written Ramcharitmanas. Hearing him sing brings so much peace to the soul. They too run to touch his feet. Tulsidas continues to chant mantras as he walks around. An old man is about to trip when Tulsidas holds him in time. Please be careful as you walk. The man sadly tells him that he is blind since birth. Tulsidas tells him that he may get his vision if his Ram ji wants it. tulsidas walks away while the man miraculously gains his vision. He is overjoyed that he can see. People stop by as he starts shouting excitedly that he can see now. The old man thanks Tulsidas who gives the credit to Lord Ram.

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Mughal soldiers inform their King / caretaker (of Kashi) about this incident. The man is irked hearing all the stories about Tulsidas. We will have to take him to Akbar.

Pratap is practising in the jungle. A few kids peek at him wide eyed. They are awed by Pratap and they also recall their parents telling them not to trouble Pratap. Pratap throws his spear in the air and it takes a perfect landing though the kids start laughing seeing this. Pratap looks around but they hide in time. When they again try to peek they are surprised to find Pratap gone. Pratap calls out to them to come out in the open. You don’t have to be scared of anything. The kids come out slowly. They confirm it with him whether he is indeed Pratap. They ask him numerous questions about his warfare or the stories that they have heard. One of the girls wants to touch him to believe that he is real while the other kids too want to practise like him. Pratap agrees to teach them.

Ajabde offers to help Saubhagyawati who instead tells her to rest as she might not have got any such chance in the night. She notices the bangles in Ajabde’s hands. They all are intact. She understands the story now. Ajabde feels a little sad but Saubhagyawati has a plan up her sleeve.

BK greets Salima. He apologises to her for not being able to give her time. He gifts her perfume. She offers her hands to him to apply it himself. BK remarks how he feels now that he has wasted his life after this Akbar and his father. The wars dint give me any peace. I just kept running all my life. There was nothing worthwhile in my life. But after meeting you I realised that life becomes so meaningful if we meet someone like you. he touches her hand with his cheek. He smiles thinking that he became a poet after meeting her. She removes her hairs from her back, asking him to apply perfume at her back too. he is confused seeing the open string of her blouse. She says maybe it got open again. please tie it correctly. BK is more than happy to do so. Akbar is watching everything from outside.

Pratap trains kids how to fight. The little girls stand at a corner quietly. He asks them if they don’t want to learn. The little girls reply that they are girls. We don’t have to learn all this for we don’t have to fight. Pratap disagrees. Girls should be no less than guys. You must learn how to fight and study as well so you can progress in life. The girls pick up the dummy swords and he teaches them how to fight.

Saubhagyawati tells Chakrapani that they both should leave for Bijolia right away. I am missing my father. Chakrapani talks about the guests at their home but Saubhagyawati explains that they need some time alone. Chakrapani is confused so Saubhagyawati whispers everything in his ears. He readily agrees to leave with her. he takes Patta with them too when Pratap returns. Pratap asks them where they are going to. Chakrapani lies that they got a message from Bijolia so they are going there. Pratap suggests that they all should go together then so Ajabde can meet her mother. Chakrapani denies. who will take care of the house if some thieves come in our absence? He leaves hastily with Saubhagyawati and Patta.

Pratap asks Ajabde about everyone’s sudden departure. Did you say anything to them? Ajabde shakes her head. I dint say anything to them but my bangles surely said something to them. Pratap is confused. Can bangles speak? Ajabde smiles at his innocence.

Tulsidas is doing puja when Mughals come to arrest him. you are creating superstitions in the minds of people. Any decision about you will be taken by Shehanshah Akbar now. Tulsidas chants Jai Shree Ram. Epi ends on his face.

Precap: Akbar questions Tulsidas about his act. You gave vision to a blind man? Tulsidas replies that he just said a prayer for that person. Akbar asks him if he can repeat the same before him. Tulsidas says Lord Ram blesses his devotees. He cannot be made a joke in an ordinary King’s court. Akbar gets angry. You are refusing to do so before me. he orders his soldiers to arrest Tulsidas and cut him in 1000 pieces. Tulsidas is all calm while a soldier ties his hands.

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