Maharana Pratap 24th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 24th October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 24th October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Rao sultan asks Pratap his name he says Pratap ,Rao sultan and his men both were about to attack him , Pratap says stop like others you are also getting confused by my name i am not what you are thinking , I was his sewak and after this bad time i am roaming everywhere to look for a job , Rao feels the boy telling a lie , He says we will find out whether this is true or not , then he looks for more and asks what else you are hiding in this house and moves towards store room where Bhura , krishna and others are hiding , Krishna tells Bhura that let me go out by this his attention will divert and won’t be able to catch you guys , Krishna comes in front of Rao sultan , he is surprised to find a beautiful girl hiding in this house he is about to touch her Krishna

takes out a knife and says if you come closer you will find my dead body , Rao says I know how to get a girl like you , Pratap comes there and tries to distract him by saying you should look for the boy who stole food from your kitchen , Rao looks at krishna and says i will come back and get you , then he says why I feel there is some sort of conspiracy is going on in this house , what if you are hiding more people in this house a boy or more , He says you have to pay tax for hiding this , she says this girl not a enemy nor i did something is wrong for this kingdom, then ..she agrees to pay tax ..Rao leaves with his men , Krishna asks pratap to leave , panna tai looks at pratap and says this boy doen’t seem to supporter of king, and he did help Bhura and we all to hide and protect form king he can stay here , Krishna didn’t like that Panna tai says but you will not be paid for the work you will and you will get one meal of a day ..Partap agrees goes form there , Panna tai feels there is something in Pratap which is familiar , he has sparkle in his eyes which reminds her of Uday singh …

Sewak comes to Rao sultan and asks why are you seem to be worried ? He says what is your problem , I am a king , there are thousand problem i have to deal with I think there is a more panna tai is hiding apart from that beautiful girl , A man informs there is a carpet sent by Jajal as gift for Rao sultan , He says bring on the carpet , sewak asks why carpet ? he says if you could understand that then you would become a king not me , He opens a massage sent by Jalal it says he is sending a new weapon specially designed Gun for him , sewak is surprised , instead of getting angry for not able to catch pratap , Jalal has sent this ..Rao says he knows how to build pressure on me , by sending this gun he knows that i would be able to catch Pratap ..

Rao asks sewak to spread the news that Jalal is sending a new weapon a Gun for me , Sewak asks why is that , Rao says that is because Jalal knows pratap is hiding inside Boondi this will help us traping him , Sewak asks if we don’t get success in catching Pratap then Rao says by show casing the gun ,who ever is against us would try to steal this gun whoever tries to do that we would our then we will catch all supporters , Sewak is thrilled to know this ,

Pratap takes permission form his mother to sale his jewelry so that he can help needy people , Rani maa agrees to that , Pratap is at the market place where he hears about the gun , the kings man was inviting to people to see the gun by paying a tax, Pratap seem lil worried then ,he sales his ornaments and get money

there Panna tai with krishna and bhura all are worried that they could not gather enough money to give tax , Bhura says after this we don’t even have money to buy food , then we have to fight for our survival , Pratap enters with food grains ,Krishna asks him where from he got money to buy food , Pratap didn’t answer , he say i am feeling very hungry can i get something to eat , panna tai smiles and asks what he would he like to eat , he says bajraki roti and saag , panna tai gets flash back of her son and become emotional , Pratap says did i say something which i shouldn’t have , she says nothing ..and tells krishna to bring the food grains to the kitchen ..

Krishna takes Bhura to next room and says that they have very little time if they don’t do any thing then the king will catch them and punish , Bhura asks what can we do, she says I have a plan then she shows him a map of the place where the king is going to exhibit the gun , She says they will steal the gun form there ..Pratap comes there and says you guys will not do anything like that , because you have o understand that this the plane to catch me …

precap : Bhura get caught at by the kings men ,Pratap is worried for him ..

Update Credit to: cheena007

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