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The Rajputs and Mughal army come face to face. Mughals feel disappointed to see only a small army of Rajputs. The Rajput commanders run around on their horses. Mughal army chases them.

Pratap tells his commanders about the reason behind Haldi Ghaati getting that name. The colour of the dirt of that area is made of yellow dirt which resembles turmeric. My 8 hands will create a kind of dust storm for the Mughal army when they are near us. We have to block their vision. Mughals should chase us then. We have to bring them near the place where our soldiers and Bheels are waiting. We will be already waiting for them there to create another Chakravyuh. Flashback ends.

A lot many Mughal soldiers die when the Rajput army attacks them with arrows. They surround the Mughal army in a big circle.

Small areas are carefully marked inside it. The Rajput commanders say Jai Mewar and start the war. Bailol Khan asks Maan Singh to guide them. we cannot think of any way out. Maan Singh says Pratap made 8 segregations and then got us entangled inside his Chakravyuh. We should first of all break the first one. Only then can we think of victory. Find out about the weakest man in the lot. Bailol Khan leaves.

Raj vaid suggests giving a new medicine to Amar this time. Maybe it will help him. A Dassi comes to tell Phool that they need the medicine asap. The problem has spread in another part of Udaipur. Raj vaid says there is one problem. Phool tells him to continue making more of the present medicine he is using till the time he finds a substitute. It is hope which works like a medicine when everything is going against us. We cannot snatch this hope from our citizens. CK and Maan look at the ill citizens. A new lot of ill people are brought inside the palace. CK and Maan decide to check on them. They notice two men on the way. They are mocking the state of the citizens of Udaipur. CK realises that they aren’t their soldiers. They are in disguise. Dada BHai used to guide every soldier to look after the citizens first. They can never mock our people. We should inform the soldiers asap.

Pratap joins Shalimar ji as he has lesser number of soldiers by his side. Shalimar requests him not to help him only because he is his sister’s husband. It will only be an embarrassment for me. Pratap denies. Every soldier is equal for me. Shalimar requests him to go back to his place. Don’t snatch the right from me to sacrifice my everything. Pratap changes his direction.

Bhokal Singh tells Maan Singh that the weakest link in the Chakravyuh is Shalimar. Bailol Khan suggests CHandrasen’s name. Maan Singh decides to go with Bhokal Singh’s suggestion. The weakest link of a Chakravyuh is the person who is closest to the enemy. Who can be better than the BIL of the enemy! MK calls him biased. Maan Singh orders everyone to send max soldiers to the area which Shalimar is handling. Shalimar’s death will affect Pratap badly. Ghazi Khan unwillingly agrees.

The Rajputs notice the entire Mughal army heading to Shalimar’s side. They all get confused. Rana Punja asks Pratap to go to save Shalimar. I will handle the rest of them.

Maan Singh orders Raza to stop Pratap from reaching Shalimar. Raza heads towards Pratap. Pratap asks a soldier to give his message to Ajabde asap. The soldier looks at him in shock. Pratap realises what he just said. He corrects himself. I meant Phool. The soldier leaves.

A servant tells Phool that CK and Maan were right. Those people were spies only. Phool says I want to talk to them. She also tells him something in mute. He leaves. Phool goes to meet the spies. Maan and CK follow her. Maharani’s are not allowed to go inside the prison. Phool reasons that the only main thing during a war is to save the citizens. Nothing else is to be followed. I have to abide by my duty as a Mahanrani of Mewar. She walks foward. Phool confronts the spies directly. Where will we find the medicine to the problem created by mice? She claps. A soldier steps inside. Phool offers to do the same with the spies. You love mice. I thought to give you the same treatment. The soldier walks forward holding a bag in his hand. The spies look scared. Phool says I am mother before Mewar’s Maharani. I can do anything to you to take care of my citizens. They are also like my kids. It will be good if you tell me about from where we will fine that medicine. CK is surprised to see Phool acting so strict. The spies agree to tell Phool everything. There is a medicine with which we can cure people. The mice will die itself if we will bur that medicine in fire. Phool says now we have to do the same asap.

Pratap fights with Raza. Bailol Khan instigates Shalimar to come out of his comfort zone by speaking ill about his wife. Shalimar gets angry and comes out of the Chakravyuh area. Pratap continues to fight with Raza. All the Mughal soldiers catch hold of Shalimar. Pratap looks on from a distance. Raza stands in his way.

Precap: Bheem Singh dies while fighting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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