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Maharana Pratap 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pratap riding a horse and Chatek running after hum. Chetak surpasses Pratap in high speed as he senses the trap laid for Pratap beneath the ground. Badshah Khan sees Pratap coming and smiles. Mansoor Khan looks on sitting on a tree. Pratap asks Chetak to go as its not a time to play, its about life and death. Ajabde is being dropped in the wet sand. Mansoor Khan gets ready to shoot arrow at Pratap. Chetak kehlaya tha…………. Plays………. Chetak runs faster than Pratap’s horse which shocks Pratap by his lightning speed. Chetak jumps over the laid trap and Pratap shouts for him. Badshah Khan watches Ajabde. Chetak steps back from the ground and shows Pratap of commencing danger. Pratap sees the ground as Chetak’s feet stumbles. Chetak moves the grass and shows

Pratap the weapons kept underneath it.

Pratap is shocked as Chetak stands far from showing him the trap. Pratap gets down his horse and moves the dry grass. Pratap sees the weapons sharply positioned to kill him. Pratap says the coward Afghans, now no one can save them from me. Mansoor says the horse has failed our plan. The Afghan soldiers start shooting arrows on Pratap and Chetak. Chetak neighs. Pratap says he means to say the enemies have surrounded us from height and shooting arrows. He says he will go to a height and shoot them back. Chetak runs and takes Pratap to some place, while they keep shooting arrows on them. Mansoor asks the soldiers to catch Pratap.

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Chakrapani cures Patta and Parwat Singh makes a doubt in Ajabde’s Maa’s heart. She says Pratap has saved Patta by applying ved medicines and Chakrapani is from same place, and she knows very well that this is not time to discuss this, he will only benefit Patta. Patta gets conscious and says Jija….. Patta gets up. Maa asks him to take rest. He says let the blood flow as its for my country, as Kunwar Pratap is fighting with Afghans alone. Maa says it means Pratap has gone to save Ajabde. Patta says yes, he cured me and sent me here safely so that I can give his message. He tells about Badshah Khan and leaves form the palace.

Pratap gets down the horse and fights with the Afghan soldiers. Prachand tu, veer bhi……………….plays……….. Chetak fights with them by kicking them and putting soil in their eyes. Mansoor aims at Pratap and does not get him because of Pratap’s movements. Mansoor says Pratap is making me work easier, as he is about to fall down the cliff. Pratap sees the arrow coming towards him and moves. The arrow hits his feet and he falls down the cliff. Mansoor laughs. Chetak neighs. Badshah Khan says I pray that before Ajabde gets inside the mud, Pratap’s death news should come. Pratap hangs to a rope and comes above. Mansoor asks the soldiers to throw stones at Pratap and kill him.

Badshah Khan says Pratap will die soon, and here you will die, who is Pratap’s soul, love and life. Mansoor tells Pratap that he will die by Afghan’s hand, and thanks him. Badshah Khan says this will be gift for his dad. Mansoor asks Pratap to think how he has let Ajabde go on Badshah Khan’s hands and gave her gift of death. Pratap and Ajabde think about their love and childhood. Pratap prays and says hje can accept death, but wants to do something that his mum is proud of. He recalls the marriage vows and Ajabde’s moments. Ajabde thinks she will not let Pratap’s respect end like this and she has to do something. She sees a hammer and says she has to change her death moment into life. She starts shaking the cage and makes it take rounds to fall on the right direction on ground. The soldiers start throwing big stones on Pratap. Chetak gets restless. Mansoor says he is a fool to cut the rope on which Pratap is hanging. He takes out the sword and starts cutting it. Pratap tries to get above fast. Ajabde tries to make cage fall. Mansoor asks Pratap to show his bravery, else wait for some time as he is sending him to Lord. Pratap loses grip on the rope as his hands gets wounded.

Ajabde shouts Jai Mewar and makes the cage fall. Chetak runs towards Ajabde. Ajabde fights with the Afghan soldiers single handedly.

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