Maharana Pratap 24th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 24th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 24th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with mamrat ji and hansa bai conversation. He says that his son will wear same necklace as he wore at his time. He ask hansa, what happen. hansa says, you have to go for walk at state. Mamrat ji goes and hansa calls ajabdehi. Ajabdehi come inside the room and says, i have made something for father and you. Can you wear this, at his name ceremony. Hansa says, give it to me. Hansa says, whats you have taken for your papa, give it to me. Hansa says, you gave this to your father, i believe he will forgive you.
Pratap ask to ajabdehi, where is hansa mosiji. Ajabdehi shows the way. Ajabdehi thinks about her father’s wordings. Mamrat ji moves from room. Hansa gives clothes to chakrapani and says, if i will get some more time then i will arrange bettter. Chakrapani

says, it is best for me. Hansa says, lets introduce him with phool kanwar and ajabdehi.
Jalal practise with his sword and thinks about maha manga’s wordings. Manga comes and says, i am very happy to see you that you are practising to get your love and with that you will kill pratap and after killing pratap, everyone will knows that nobody can mess up with you.
Chakrapani ask to meet with phool. Phool shows attitude and ask from chakrapani, who are you. Pratap laugh on her. Phool says, why are you laughing? Pratap says, i am not laughing on you, i am laughing on my friend because he didnt frightened but after seeing you he frightens.
Bahram khan says, you dont go to fight with pratap at bijolia. Chakrapani and pratap again laugh on phool. Bahram khan says, you have to fight with me jalal and if you will beat me then you can beat pratap.
Jalal fight with bahram khan and bahram says, how many times you fights with ppratap and from your face, i can see that you cannot beat pratap.
Jalim khan comes and says, what happens? Phool says, why dont you bring rose petals. Jalim khan says, i am warrior then how can i bring petals for you. Pratap make fun of both jalim singh and phool.
Manga says, now you see that jalal has beat you. Bahram khan says, that not enough to beat pratap. Please take my advise. Jalal says to manga, you are talking for which girl. Manga says, so you come under bahram khan’s wordings.

Precap:- Manga tell about gohar that how much danger she is. Gohar will kill pratap.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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