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Maharana Pratap 24th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

DB asks Pratap not to leave from the palace now as it will only complicate the situation for Jagmal. Pratap points out that she is still thinking about Jagmal only. DB is speechless. Has Pratap realised my truth? She shakes her head. Don’t think that I don’t love you. You know how much your Rani Ma loves you. Pratap chooses to abide by his decision. He bends down to seek her blessings. She touches his head only for an instant and then withdraws her hand. She is not happy with the whole thing.

Entire Chittor is waiting outside for Pratap. Their hands are folded and they have tears in their eyes as they see him. Pratap too folds his hands before them in gratitude. He recalls all the lies that Jagmal had said and his father’s decision too. Ajabde too is emotional. DB looks on

from upstairs. People request Pratap not to leave them like this but Pratap continues to walk past them with folded hands. Maan and CK look on tearfully.

US talks to JB through Kanha’s idol. I am all alone today. First you left me and now Pratap too has left me. Everything is over. I and Chittor are also finished now. A tear escapes his eye.

Pratap notices Ajabde’s sad / tearful face. Why are you standing there? Won’t you come with me? Ajabde smiles in relief and runs towards him, without wasting any time. Maan and CK too smile seeing this. Pratap has already got AJabde’s stuff packed. A palanquin arrives so Ajabde happily sits inside it. pratap too mounts his horse and then both exit from Chittor’s gate.

Patta and Chakrapani stop them. You are going without us? Where to? You don’t need your friends now or you don’t consider us your friends anymore? Pratap replies that he too has no idea where they are going but he just wants to go away from here. Chakrapani requests him to stay at his home till he decides upon a place. Pratap denies but Chakrapani insists so he gives in.

The girl is drawing something when Akbar walks inside her room. He asks her about the picture and she teases him saying that she is making Bairam Khan’s picture. He is angry but calms down after seeing his photo on the sheet. She sensually apologizes to him for teasing him and says few romantic lines. He walks closer for a kiss but she shyly moves away when her dupatta falls from her head. Akbar looks at her bare back while she smiles coyly. A guy walks inside the room just when Akbar is about to touch the girl. Akbar calls out for his soldiers angrily and orders them to cut the guy in 1000 pieces. The guy pleads for mercy but in vain. The girl requests Akbar to tie the loose know of her blouse. He is more than happy to oblige. She suggests him to wear a mask for he is too merciless. You shouldn’t be like that in front of everyone. Akbar talks against it. I don’t wear a mask for anyone. she prods him about his feelings for her that he has been hiding so easily. Just try it once, it is my humble request. Akbar claps and a soldier rushes inside. He announces freedom for that guy. The guy chants praises in his name. He pays him money and tells him to go home and enjoy. The girl yet again talks against it. you spared such an ordinary guy even when he made such a big mistake? Who will be scared of you if you will appear to be so soft? Akbar is confused. You change your words so quickly. She clears it that she dint tell him to forgive a sinner. I only told you not to punish any sinner publicly but in private. Your people should only know your soft side. they should be awed of you. you are a Shehanshah so you have to win people’s hearts but deep down people should be scared of you too. Akbar is impressed. He orders the soldiers to kill that guy when he is on his way homw, discreetly at night. Present his head to me for proof.

Chakrapani is all nerves as he serves food to Pratap and Patta. Saubhagyawati and Ajabde are in the kitchen. Saubhagyawati suggests her to sleep in their room tonight. Chakrapani and I will sleep outside in the open. Ajabde is reluctant but Saubhagyawati is in no mood to listen to her. She also gives red bangles to Ajabde. I have only this to gift you. Ajabde is touched by her gesture. This isn’t a small gift but a sign of married women. No gift can be better than this. She asks Saubhagyawati to make her wear it herself. Saubhagyawati gladly obliges.

Ajabde notices the marks on Pratap’s arms as she enters in their room. He too notices her gaze. You don’t have to worry over this. these are actually ornaments of a warrior. She tells him to lie down so she can apply medicinal oil on it. he tells her to rest instead but she is in no mood to listen to him. he lies down and she applies oil over his wounds. She is in pain to see him thus while he slowly drifts off to sleep. She covers him with a duvet and lies down too.

Outside, Saubhagyawati wakes up Chakrapani in the middle of night. She is actually excited about what would be happening inside. He is sleepy so he tells her to sleep as it is too late.

Pratap sees Akbar in his dreams. What did you get by doing all those sacrifices? You shed blood for your motherland or for your father since your childhood. You sometimes made sacrifices for your CHoti Ma and brother Jagmal but you dint get anything in return. You even lost your Ammi in the process. Your father dint trust you. he forced you out of the palace. You have no place to live in now. you are sleeping at your poor friend. Where will you go now? Who will you fight for? Come to me. I will give you a status as per your calibre. I will give you work, new motto for life. Just bow down before me once and then your life will be good. He starts laughing. Pratap wakes up with a start saying, I wont stoop down before you Mughal!

Precap: Pratap tells Ajabde that he has nothing to do in life now. There is no reason, no aim, no work to do! She says brave warriors like you don’t have to worry about your aims. Ekling ji would have already decided a new mission for you by now. Pratap meets the great poet Tulsidas.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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