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Pratap seeks his mother’s blessings. I am not going to any war. This is a bigger situation. This is our last hope to unite Rajputana. Irony is, I have to pick up arms against my own people to bring them together. She says this has been happening since the time of Mahabharata. You are right this time. Your aim is right. Only see Chandrasen as your opponent and you will succeed. She does his tilak and aarti. He leaves. She notices the diya wavering and wonders if it is an indication that something wrong is going to happen.

The auditorium is fully jam packed. People take sides of their respective kings. Rani Durgawati joins Amar. He asks her if she killed that bear in one go. She nods. It would have killed me if I hadn’t killed it. He talks positively about his

father. He only will win. Rani Durgawati is also positive that all the kings will support Pratap if he wins this competition. All Rani’s come there. Jagmal greets his Rani Ma and is drunk. DB suggests him to sit quietly. CK and Rai Singh exchange glances. Ajabde is noticing her.

Kanak Raj offers to bring any other horse for Pratap as this horse has never taken part in any competition till date. Pratap denies. All the horses are same for me. Chetak is a little different. He mounts over that horse. Chetak neighs. Pratap tells him that he cannot accompany him as he is unwell. Kanak Raj smiles as he looks at the bottle in which the liquor was kept.

Both Pratap and Chandrasen come for the fight. CK is surprised to see her brother sitting on other horse than Chetak. Ajabde shares that Chetak is not keeping well. Alcohol starts showing its effect on the horse. Pratap greets his Acharya and all the Rani’s and Kings. Acharya tells everyone the importance / reason behind this competition. The first round will be archery. One man is spinning apples and something else. The participating kings have to hit only the apple or otherwise they will be disqualified. Chandrasen shoots the apple. Jagmal chants in his favour but Raimal pulls him back to his seat. Pratap too is successful in the first round. The kings look tensed. The first round ends. The second round is throwing the spear the farthest. Chandrasen and Pratap hold their spears. Pratap thinks of Raimal’s words. Pratap has done so much for Rajputana. If he wins then we will do what he wants us to do. If Pratap loses then we are free on our individual levels to take our own decisions. Pratap and Chandrasen take aim. They run up to a certain point and throw their spears in the air. They cross the flag points. Both of them win this round as well. The tension increases.

The third round is of horse riding and managing the horse well. Amar asks his mother if father will win. She nods. He has to win to accomplish what he has dreamt of. Acharya announces that there is a twist in the round. Whoever makes the other person fall first from the horse will be declared the winner. Raimal smirks. Both the kings sit on their horses. Pratap’s horse starts walking back and forth. Pratap turns to Chandrasen. Whatever happens, hope you wont take it personally. On the contrary, Chandrasen wants him to take it that way only. He tells Pratap to control his horse first. Pratap is in confusion as his horse goes to the opposite side. Pratap looks down in confusion.

Precap: Chandrasen hits Pratap. Chetak neighs in the farm. Pratap continues getting hit by Chandrasen time and again.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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