Maharana Pratap 23rd October 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 23rd October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 23rd October 2013 Written Update

the episode begins with Partap sneak into Boondi and thinks about panna tai , he rach near a pond he was about to drink water from there Kings men comes there and asks an old man for tax they say don’t you remember our Kings order is to pay tax for taking water , Pratap says he was taking water for me so i should pay for that but i don’t have gold coins , then he offers his expensive pearl string he was wearing , he says this is very expensive you can buy a pond for your self , they take that from him and say you seem to be a good boy so we are leaving you …

Pratap helps the old to carry the water container to his house , where he sees a boy and girl (who stole the food from kings kitchen ) were distributing food grains to the poor ..Pratap identifies the to be his friend

Bhura from his gurukul , that time the kings men came looking for the the boy who stole the food from kings kitchen , Bhura sees them and runs way from there , Pratap goes out after Bhura , Kings men reach there and asks him about the boy who was distributing the food to the poor , Pratap misguides them and they leave towards the opposite direction ….

Pratap goes near a house to look for Bhura, he knocks at the door and it opens on it own , he enters the room and finds no one was there , some one comes from behind and put the knife on his throat she asks why have you come here ? you want to steal anything ? Pratap turns and find the same girl who stole the food and King was looking for her , He says i have no such intention …panna tai says who is this boy krishna ? She calls everyone who were hiding in that room , Panna tai identifies Pratap and says this is the same boy who wanted kings men to arrest you right , she agrees , Panna tai advise Pratap to leave this place and go since this place is like a hell , Partap asks so to feed these poor you stole food ? Krishna says yes but the food is for poor not for you who is the supporters of king , that time her father enters the room says you shouldn’t talk so harshly , He says since kings men spoiled my eyes she is gone against the king , Pratap gets the flashback of Rani maa touching her feet he feels happy that he found her pannatai , she calls Bhura Pratap’s friend from gurukul , Pratap becomes worried that bhura may disclose his identity , Bhura comes there identifies Pratap , Pratap nods says no to Bhura he changes the statement and says this boy was Prince Pratap’s assistant in gurukul and his name is also Pratap ,

Kings men comes back to that house panna tai and Krishna says there is no boy hiding in this house , they don’t listen , krishana says even your king never dared to go against panna tai , they say you will regret for this and leave form there , Pratap asks panna tai that why is she living here , when she can live any where like Mewar , panna tai gets the flashback of the incident how she scarified her son for Mewar kings life , she says now i belong to this place and will stay here till my last breath ..

Boondi king returns with his men , everyone hides , Panna tai tries to stop king from entering the house but king doesn’t listen and says now i am become powerful by having friends from a big kingdom .. Bhura is hiding behind a cot Pratap asks him to go out of the window , then he covers the cot with a blanket , Kings men who were looking for the boy , couldn’t find any one over there when they were about to go out of the room they see something and bring Pratap in front of the King , King says so you are the boy who stole food , his men says no we have seen him some where and asks panna who else is hiding in this house ?

Precap : King asks Pratap tells his name …. King is shocked …

Update Credit to: cheena007

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