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Maharana Pratap 23rd November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya talks to Chundavat ji about their Haldi Ghaati plan. Chundavat ji’s wife comes there holding the puja thaal. Chundavat ji tries to avoid her. Acharya understands that he fears for his wife. Accept that fear. The pious tilak will fill you with all the strength you need. Chundavat ji’s wife does her husband’s aarti. He is about to make a promise to her but she stops him. Don’t make any promise that will waver your determination in the war. He nods and turns to go.

Maan Singh drinks alchohol. He offers it to his father as well. Bhagwan Das tells him to come to reality. Stop talking about ideals! Think about yourself. Who are you? A sage or a social worker? You are a Kshatriya. A Kshatriya never backs off from his karma. Our karma is to fight. History will be made itself.

Maan Singh talks about his soul. It isn’t agreeing. Bhagwan Das reasons that his soul was indebted to Akbar the moment he chose to support Akbar. It will have to think, feel and believe what Akbar wants. We are bound to him by promise. A Rajput never backs off from his promise.

MK introduces Raza to Akbar. He kills anyone using the iron ball he is carrying. Raza breaks a big stone using it. Akbar smiles.

Maan Singh says our dharma stops us from attacking a helpless woman; backstabbing someone. It speaks of living for Rajputana. It never speaks of making someone a slave. Bhagwan Das says even I am in a fix like you. But the emotional person gets stuck in it often. We have to get over it. think of your promise to Akbar. Arjun too was stuck in a fix in Mahabharat. He still fought with his loved ones. Maan Singh agrees to fight for Akbar. Do remember that in this war Arjun is not I but Rana Pratap! He leaves from there.

MK introduces another guy called Maroosh, the one who can never lose. He never feels any pain. MK attacks Maroos but nothing affects him. Akbar is impressed. They are pretty interesting. Bhagwan Das and Maan Singh greet Akbar. Maan Singh already knows about both the guys. Akbar tells others that this is why he likes Maan Singh. I get worried when such people start mistrusting us. Maan Singh agrees to go to the warzone. I promise you, I will kill Pratap. If I fail then I will never show you my face. Akbar gives him his sword. Maan Singh cuts his finger and does his own tika using his blood. Akbar asks him how he will get them out of this trouble.

Phool sits beside Amar. You have to face it courageously. You cannot leave us. Raj vaid checks him. Amar is affected by the same problem. It has happened because of mice. Many people have died already. There is a solution but we need to make the medicine first of all. Phool tells him to make it. we will give it Amar as following your guidance. Explain it to the servants of the palace. They will inform everyone in Udaipur about it. Raj Vaid nods.

Akbar asks Maan Singh how they will cross this jungle. A man comes to tell maan Singh that he has done all his work. Maan Singh nods. Akbar asks him about the guy. Maan Singh says he was my nephew, Bhokal Singh. He works for me. Akbar comes back to the point. Maan Singh replies that they wont cross the jungle if it is so tough. Ghazi Khan mocks Maan Singh but goes quiet seeing Akbar looking at him. Akbar turns his attention once again to Maan Singh. How will we cross it? This jungle is surrounded by mountains. Right then back to back blasts are heard. Rajputs and Mughals look up. Maan SInhg tells Akbar that they have put gunpowder in all the mountains. We will reach Haldi Ghaati as soon as they all break. Akbar smiles.

Pratap gets the hint that Maan Singh has taken the reins in his hands. Mughals wont choose the jungle route to reach Haldi Ghaati.

Akbar appreciates Bhokal Singh and Maan Singh’s effort. Akbar gladly hands over the entire army to Maan Singh for his assistance. Maan Singh promises to give his best. I hope we all live to see the victory.

Pratap wants to fight the Mughals bravely in the war. It wont be right to attak them from behind. His commanders reason that this isn’t a good idea. It will all come down to numbers then. they have a 4 times bigger army than us. How will it be possible? HK adds 5k of his soldiers in the list. Rana Punja says we are 3k Bheels. Acharya surprises everyone by saying that they can add 3 more people to the army. Everyone greets them. Pratap asks Acharya who is taking care of the palace. Chandrasen says they have appointed special group of people inside the palace and another one for the people of Udaipur. Acharya talks positively about Phool. She only encouraged us to go to help you. We find that she was right. Pratap agrees. You all will motivate us. Now I feel we only will sleep after defeating the Muhgals. My 8 hands will do the work – Acharya, Jhala ji, Doda ji, Bheem Singh, HK, Singh ji, Chandrasen, and Chundavat ji.

Precap: One of the Rajput commanders kills Bailol Khan. Maan Singh stabs the Rajput commanders in the back. The Rajputs notice this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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