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Isa Kaka and his troops surround Akbar’s tent. You (Pratap) cannot go out of here alive. The best thing that you can do is surrender yourself to us. It will be really foolish of you if you try to go against it. it will almost be a suicide for you. Which way will you choose? Pratap and Kalla step out of the tent. He gives hope to Kalla. Kalla says I am already all positive after seeing you. Isa Kaka is confident because of the huge number of army that is there behind him. they are 40k. You are mistaken if you think you will be able to escape from here! Look around you. Pratap asks him if he will stop them. We are Rajputs. You, your Mughal (Akbar) or this whole army cannot stop us. We will first kill your army as you are really proud of it. Isa Kaka is sure their army will finish Pratap and his friend

before that. Pratap challenges them for a fight. Kalla says he is right. They are huge. It will take days to kill them all. Pratap has a plan. Isa Kaka tells the soldiers to attack.

Hussain Kuli’s soldiers want to attack asap but HK doesn’t want to take a chance. we must cross check all the facts. I will go inside the ruins along with two soldiers. You all stay here. He gets down from his horse and heads towards where the diya is kept.

DB goes out for a while. Chand sends the daasi outside to bring water for her. She later gets up and covers herself with a blanket. Forgive me, Rani Ma.

Kalla, Pratap get into a fight with Isa Kaka and his troops. Patta helps Vajra Singh. Raja Jaimal fights bravely. Pratap signals Kalla and they both go inside. A soldier follows them inside. People see Pratap and Kalla killing Pratap (shadow). The other soldiers get scared. Isa Kaka tells the soldiers to attack but they stay put. He wonders what Pratap is up to. Kalla tells Pratap that he shouldn’t have come here. You are the life line of Mewar. How long can we stay here? We are stuck here now. Pratap is waiting for the commander to come inside the tent once. I have to eat hot chapattis too back in the palace. Wait and watch. Kalla nods.

Chand wants to be his father’s strength and not his weakness. I too am a Rajputani. I will sacrifice myself but will not be an obstacle in your way. . I will never come in between his father’s way (or his responsibilities)! She steps over some tall thing / building.

Isa Kaka tells the other commander inside with a few other soldiers but he is scared. He tells Isa Kaka to go inside but he too stops in his tracks after seeing the dead body of the soldier. Till when he will stay inside! He will have to come out. Akbar decides to go out himself to get Pratap but stops.

Rawat ji notices the scene at Akbar’s tent. He prays that Ajabde’s belief wins.

Isa Kaka yet again asks Pratap to surrender to him. The other commander has a plan. Let’s set this tent on fire. They both will die inside. A soldier brings a lit torch. Isa Kaka takes it. it is the last day of your life.

HK is still on his way. US is feeling really helplss today. I have never felt so before. I cannot do anything either for our state or for my daughter. Acharya gives him hope. They hear Chand screaming in pain. She got hurt in her feet because of a thorn. US and Acharya save her in the nick of the time before she can jump. She doesn’t want to be an obstacle. I decided to die instead. US tells her otherwise. You are my strength. You give me courage to fight with any problem. She cannot see him all sad. He doesn’t want her to pain him like this. I know I haven’t spent much time with you but you are no burden to me. They share a hug.

Akbar paces in his tent. He takes the sword out of its sheath and tells the soldier guarding his tent to attack him. The soldier complies but loses. Akbar says I too am in a similar condition. I cannot understand what is going to happen. I have seen the dream to get Chittor. My soldiers cannot trap Pratap who is here only. HK is missing. The soldiers are also missing. He attacks the soldier but he ducks in time. The sword gets stuck in a cupboard instead.

Rawat ji looks through his binoculars. He can see some movements in the Mughal’s tents but cannot discern anything. Kalla tells Pratap that it will become really tough for them to go out this way. Isa Kaka steps forward. I cannot believe it that I will kill this great warrior! Think of your ancestors. Your last time has come. The soldiers cheer for Isa Kaka to light the tent. Pratap assures Kalla that nothing will happen to them as Ekling ji is with them.

Ajabde is praying before their kuldevi. She touches her mangalsutra and recalls the vow she had given to pratap. You have always blessed us. Please make me die first. Pratap has never broken his vow and will never do so. He has always lived by his words. Your blessings have given me this hope / belief that Pratap will return all hale and healthy.

A commander stops Isa Kaka. Jahanpanah wants Pratap and his friend alive. Pratap is irked. He challenges the Mughals. I too want to see how daring you are. Come inside!

DB and all others come there. DB talks about a herb which can make Chand well. It will be found in a nearby village but it is possible that HK can be there at this time.

Isa Kaka announces that they all will step inside together but we have to catch them alive. Pratap tells Kalla to cut the centre rope / stick of the tent which is holding it together. We will be able to escape then. Kalla likes the plan. Isa Kaka and his troops move in. Pratap reminds them that they are Rajputs. Rajputs never give up. Pratap cuts the stick as per his plan. Kalla and Pratap get out of the tent. His other partners join them.

Precap: Kalla tells Pratap that there are loads of gunpowder kept inside a particular tent. Pratap wants to make a big blast because of which they will be able to escape from here. HK comes face to face with US and Acharya. Pratap lights fire and there is a big blast. Akbar hears the noise.

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