Maharana Pratap 23rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 23rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with jalal announces to rajputana that i have taken win against ajmer or alwar, especially mewar. Bahram khan stops to jalal and says, come down jalal. Pratap see all this and gets angry, uday singh ji stops him and says, our soldier didnt came here. Jalal says to bahram khan, why you stops me, i have taken won against ajmer then why will i not make party. Bahram khan says, this is not the proper win until we will win against mewar. Lets go to agra and plan for war. Jalal says, i like your thought, but tell me one thing, is pratap is coming in your dream? Bahram khan says, no, jalal!!!!
Jalal moves from there. bahram khan ordered to nasir for taking action on any activities.
Here DB sees dream and in it, she see that ajab, jb and veer baiji says to DB that now pratap will

marry with pratap and uday singh ji will gets engage between us and then db will not importance in uday singh ji’s life. DB wakes up. Dassi comes into DB’s room then DB shouts on dassi and says, why will you not taking kunwar jagmal for practising swords.
Haji khan thinks about ancestor and tells the story to pratap. He says, now i am outside from our home and someone makes us homeless but it is not done by any indian, then it is done by foreigner.
Bahram khan ordered to soldier that take all necessary things because we stop on only one stop and it is not necessary then we will not stop. Jalal says, if we will stop in nearby village then bahram khan interrupts him and says, soldiers wants to go to home, so lets go home.
Soldiers inform to bahram khan and bahram khan assumes that uday singh ji also present there and helps his son.
Uday singh ji waits for their soldiers and then soldier comes and inform to him that soldiers are getting late due to rain.
Bahram khan says to nasir, you take care of ajmer and dont tell anything to jalal. Then bahram khan gives present to nasir then their troops gone from ajmer.
Pratap see their troop. Pratap thinks about haji khan’s wording and then he says to uday singh ji that let our soldier inform to come fast. Mamrat ji tries to understand him that it is impossible to reach our soldier at that time. Pratap says, if we will not attack him then i will insult him then i will take revenge against akbar. Uday singh ji says, OK, we will take war against ajmer and before he will reach ajmer, he will get news of defeating ajmer. Uday singh ji assure to haji to bring back their home.
Nasir ordered to their soldier to make security more secure. Here pratap tells to their soldiers that we are fighting for our land and till this evening, we will capture this fort and everything in front of you. Everybody gives slogan of “Jai Ek ling ji ki”
Soldier inform to pratap that cannon is ready, can i shoot it? Pratap says, no, i will shoot it. Pratap destroy the symbol of mughal. Jalal and bahram khan turn arounds.

Precap:- Uday singh ji says to pratap that now we have teach a lesson to jalal and if we will proceed then huge blood will flow from both sides. Jalal tells the story of war to his mother and hansa mosi tells to ajab then uday singh ji and pratap is coming, will you not welcome them?

Update Credit to: Tushar

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