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Outside, people continue to protest against US’s decision. The executioner puts the rope around Pratap’s neck.

DB prays that Jagmal is successful in killing DS this time. Jagmal stabs the effigy (unaware of the truth) numerous times. Ajabde too wishes that their plan becomes a success somehow and Pratap is proved innocent. Jagmal continues to stab the effigy. You have come to kill me? I dint even spare my Rani Ma so what are you in front of me! Jagmal notices the effigy and is shocked.

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Someone reaches the shed and walks inside. His face is in the dark. Jagmal is certainly taken aback to realise someone is here. He tries

to stab that person but he holds Jagmal’s hand. The man moves ahead in light and Jagmal is shocked to see his father. US makes him throw the knife on floor. Jagmal fumbles. This is a plot against me, I swear on you! US points out that this was actually his plan to trap his innocent brother. Jagmal tries to explain but US pushes him. you will have to tell anyways. Jagmal continues to lie. I haven’t done anything father. But US beats him with a hunter. US beats him all the more angrily as he thinks of Jagmal’s lies. One, for shooting your own Rani Ma. Two, for misusing your brother’s love. three, for making me doubt on your brother Pratap. He takes him out, all the way beating him badly for all the wrongs that he has done.

A daasi comes to inform DB that US is beating Jagmal very badly. DB heads outside immediately with everyone else following her.

A soldier comes and whispers something in Rawat ji’s ears so he orders the executioner to stop.

DB and all the family members look on from the balcony as US beats Jagmal out in the open as well. People too have stopped in their tracks to see what’s happening. US is angry with Jagmal for accusing Pratap falsely. Ajabde, Saubhagyawati, Patta, and Chakrapani are relieved. DB shouts for US to stop.

Rawat ji comes there just then. US orders him to free Pratap asap. Rawat ji nods. DB too starts running towards the main door so as to stop US. Rawat ji makes the announcement that Pratap should be released right away with all due respect. People start shouting for Pratap happily.

US drags Jagmal to the court and is in no mood to relent. He continues to beat Jagmal persistently while DB asks him to stop. She is scared of his anger too but somehow manages to touch him to tell him to stop. He tells her to move away. you don’t know what he has done. You wouldn’t have said anything if you would have known the truth. DB is in tears. She asks Maan to bring Pratap for only he can stop his father now. the beatings continue in the background. US is hitting Jagmal using his hands now. Ajabde is happy seeing Pratap come in just then. DB and Maan too notice him. Jagmal tries to run to his Dada bhai for help but US holds him back. US addresses Pratap. This is between a king and the criminal of his state. If you think that your king is just then you wont interfere in between us now. DB begs Pratap to stop his father somehow or he will kill Jagmal. He keeps quiet so she asks him why he isn’t saying anything. He replies that she too had kept quiet. She nods tearfully.

US is in a fit of rage though. I will smash your head into pieces before you think of anything wrong for us or for our people. He starts banging Jagmal’s head on a big box again and again. Blood is oozing out of Jagmal’s face. Rawat ji comes there. He asks US to stop. You cannot / must not take law in your hands. This kind of conduct doesn’t suit you. you yourself has said that justice is above people and all the feelings, be it whoever, even if the king himself! US stops and leaves his grip around Jagmal’s neck. Jagmal falls limply on the ground. DB looks on in shock. Rawat ji says, you can give any punishment to Jagmal but you will have to take any indecision in our royal court. There will be proper investigation as well and then the decision can be just about anything, even death penalty if need be! DB is stunned in silence. US tells Rawat ji to take Jagmal and lock him in the prison. He walks out from there angrily. A few soldiers take away Jagmal while DB looks on (too shocked to react). Pratap tells Ajabde that he wants to talk to father in some regard. He leaves from there without saying anything to DB which amazes her. Ajabde too leaves after him. Pratap’s words continue to echo In DB’s mind.

Akbar is practising sword fighting. The same girl tries to go inside when the soldiers stop her as they have strict orders not to let anyone inside in when Shehanshah is practising. We don’t know what your intentions for going are inside but last time when someone had tried to interrupt Shehanshah then he had cut that person in 1k pieces. The girl is undeterred. Let me go inside as well then, just so I can hug my death. She walks inside when he catches hold of her while practising and aims the sword at her throat. You dared to come so close to Shehanshah-e-hind. Should I cut your throat? It doesn’t bother her at all. Listen to me once before doing anything. He tells her to go ahead. She knows that he is upset about what that Fakir had said. You are so very upset with yourself because of what he had said but if think carefully then you will realise the hidden meaning behind his words. He had told you that you cannot kill Pratap but he dint say it that you cannot defeat Pratap. Akbar recalls that incident and releases her. how do you know so much about that Fakir and what he meant. She too has met him. he asks about her future. She walks a little closer and whispers, it is so personal. How can I tell it to the person who wanted to cut me in 1000 pieces a while ago? She leaves from there while Akbar looks on.

Pratap comes to his father’s room to clean his wounds. He wipes the blood off his father’s hands. You remember when I had got hurt by an arrow while we were practising with the weapons a long time back? You had told me about a magical medicine back then. I have brought the same medicine for your today as it will relieve you of your pain. US sadly recalls how he had given judgement against Pratap. I have hurt you a lot. I have broken your trust yet you are putting medicine on my wounds so lovingly? This, your being too good than it is necessary, only creates problems for you time and again. Pratap smiles. I cannot help it as my parents have brought me up with these values only! US looks at him in surprise. I need you permission. I want to go from here. US is confused. Where do you want to go? Pratap too has no idea but he wants to go far from here.

US denies. I know you are upset with me, you should be! But you cannot punish yourself for that. Punish me, you can even ban me from the state but don’t talk about going away. Do you have any idea about the pain I was in before and after announcing death penalty for you? I was helpless though. Put yourself in my place once and think over it. Pratap has already done so. I felt really proud that you balanced justice and your position so well which maybe I would not have been able to take care of if I was in your place. I am sure there would have been no king till date who can equal you for your greatness. I am proud of the fact that I am Rana US’s father. Please don’t ever think that I have anything wrong against you in my heart. US is confused why he is talking about leaving the palace then. Pratap requests him that he cannot say it but US insists. You have been silent for too long but not anymore. Pratap continues to request him but US stays put. This means that you had made up your mind already. There is no point in asking me then. you can go anywhere you want to. Pratap touches his father’s feet but US moves away. Pratap requests his father to forgive Jagmal if possible, before he leaves from there. US closes his eyes sadly.

Pratap finds Ajabde waiting outside. He thinks that only she can understand his decision. She too thinks in affirmative. They both continue to look at each other when Pratap finally leaves. CK comes there. She asks AJabde about Pratap’s whereabouts. Ajabde tells her that he is going far from here. He is leaving the palace.

Maan consoles DB that everything will be fine. DB denies. CK comes to give them the news. They are taken aback to know that Pratap is leaving from the palace.

Pratap keeps his sword in a big trunk. Ajabde asks him till when will he stay away. Maan and CK rush to Pratap’s room. Why are you leaving now when everything has fallen in place? Dada bhai Jagmal has been punished. They request Ajabde to stop him. Pratap tells them that he will miss them a lot. Maan and CK refuse to let him go. we both will come with you. Pratap makes them understand that their Rani Ma and Jagmal will need them a lot right now. Who will take care of them in such a situation? You have to take care of them in such circumstances. He stops mid sentence when he notices DB. Ajabde takes Maan and CK outside with her.

DB asks Pratap as to why is he leaving this palace. You think I am not pained? You can ask Ajabde if you want. I too had a doubt on Jagmal. I was in so much pain when Rana ji declared that you will be hanged but Jagmal’s problem will further complicate if you leave now. Pratap points out that she is still thinking about Jagmal only. DB is speechless. Has Pratap realised my truth? Epi ends on Pratap’s face.

Precap: Pratap meets the great poet Tulsidas.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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