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US gets all the citizens ready to enter Chittor before Akbar or his commanders attack their village again. An old lady drops her belongings by mistake so US helps her. leave from here asap. Rawat ji says it will be approx 30k people if we consider all the nearby villages. How will we give them all space in our palace? US refuses to let Akbar attack his citizens again and make anyone his slave. I cannot sit all protected in the palace with our soldiers guarding us while Akbar attacks these innocent people! It is our dharma to protect these people. Rawat ji understands his point. They all head towards Chittor next.

Pratap imagines returning to Chittor and finds only dead bodies of the soldiers scattered all around him. He tells Acharya what he saw. I have a very bad feeling. They both decide

to head to Chittor to asap.

Mughal commander questions Rann Singh if he was taking the message for Pratap. Rann Singh says I have heard that Mughals have no their brains in their knees. You just proved it today. I have told you umpteen times that you can do anything, even kill me in fact, but I wont tell you anything. The Mughal commander makes up his mind to do anything but to extract the info from him at any cost. He gives the example of Prithvi Raj Chauhan. He had defeated Mohammad Ghauri 16 times and then forgave him. In the end he got killed by Mohammad Ghauri only. We cannot be soft with our enemies. You too will see what I do now. He touches hot iron sticks to Rann Singh’s (RS) body and RS screams out in pain. Akbar stops his commander from doing so. Release him (RS) with all due respect. He is a very loyal soldier. It is no crime to be loyal to your master. It is in fact worth appreciation. A soldier brings a turban (Mughal turban) in a tray there. Akbar tells RS that he is very happy with him. I can get you in my army and make you my royal soldier. Will you fight from my side? Your fate will change. I will change your life completely. RS understands that he wants to make him his slave. Pratap treats us as a part of his family. I will never cheat with my family. you can give me as many offers as you want to but I will not sell myself to you. try opening the ropes form around my wrists and you will see what I will do with you all. Akbar hurts his hand with a dagger and walks out from there.

HA and his troops return to their tents. Akbar notices their condition. How did this happen? A soldier shares everything with him. Another soldier (Aalim Khan) refuses to sit down calmly now. Allow us to take our army to the palace. We will show them what we can do. We will win Chittor’s palace by evening. Akbar denies. we have to wait a little longer.

Aalim Khan is infuriated. I cannot understand why Shehanshah is so quiet. I cannot take it anymore. Those Rajputs have injured our commander while we are sitting quietly here. I will kill those Rajputs. Their story will end tonight. The other soldier tries to stop him but in vain.

Pratap can hear someone screaming out for help. He notices a woman running around, screaming for help as her whole body has caught fire. He too shouts out in pain. Acharya tells him not to be so tensed or give heed to what PM had said. Pratap feels that Chittor is in some danger for sure. They resume their journey.

On the other hand, the Mughal soldiers (with Aalim Khan leading them) decide to attack on Chittor’s palace today. No Rajput should be left alive. Akbar hears the commotion and sends another soldier to find out the matter. The same soldier tries to put sense in Aalim Khan’s head but he is not ready to wait anymore. Aalim Khan leaves with a big very big troop of soldiers.

US and Rawat ji send few soldiers to help bring more number of people to the palace.

Ishar Das notices the big army of Mughal soldiers approaching the Chittor. He orders his soldiers to gear up for the fight.

Akbar is not happy after finding out what Aalim Khan is up to.

Ishar Das ji meets US on their way. He tells him about the Mughal soldiers approaching Chittor right now. US is concerned about the citizens of Mewar who might get caught up in between their fight. He tells the citizens to leave everything and be quick.

Aalim Khan continues to motivate his soldiers while they march towards Chittor.

Rawat ji keeps telling people to be careful not to create any stampede or any problem. Be extra careful towards women and kids. Let them go inside first. Rawat ji suggests US to go inside asap but US wants to stay back. Rawat ji points out that this is the order of his commander in fact. You must go inside. US agrees. Ishar Das tells his soldiers to be ready with their arrows and bows. Amar Singh looks on as all the citizens enter inside the main gate of the palace for safety. Ajabde, CK and VB too come there. They think of making arrangements for food for these many people. We have no idea how long this can go on for. Jagmal is yet again scared. Amar Singh is confused so Ajabde explains to him why these people are here. US address his soldiers. Our enemy is heading towards our main gates. We wont let them gain access to it till we die. Amar Singh too wants to fight with the Mughals. I will protect my grandfather. Jagmal points out that he is very small to even protect himself. Amar Singh insists but Ajabde asks him to help her in taking care of the citizens of Mewar. Amar Singh still wants a chance to teach a lesson to those Mughals.

The Mughal soldiers are very near Chittor. Ishar Das suggests closing the main door of Chittor as the enemy is very near them. US wants all the citizens to enter inside first. We will have to give them some more time. US cannot see Akbar. It must be one of his commanders. They have no option but to attack them once they near the Peepal Tree. AAlim Khan is approaching at a very fast pace. They have to attack asap or they will be in trouble. Everyone is tensed.

Precap: Raja Jaimal informs Pratap about what was in that royal letter. Pratap vows to kill Akbar if he dares to even step a foot in Chittor.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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