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On their way, Pratap keeps asking Phool to wake up. We are out of that Mughal’s league now. Rana Punja shares that Chandrasen has already left to bring a Vaid.

Akbar is playing chess. He senses Heer’s presence. I know you want to say something to me. Go ahead. She wants to know why he let Pratap go. You had so many soldiers and you were also there. Pratap wouldn’t have escaped from the palace if you dint wish for it. You are never soft hearted with your enemies. He is impressed with her thought process. It will make a good impression on my son. My aim was not to kill Pratap. I want him to malign his name; his own people turning against him. I want him to become alone so everyone sides with me. This is a game against the enemy. I will play it my way. Heer cannot understand him. He

explains that Pratap took Phool. Their names got maligned now. All the other Rajputs will think that Pratap abducted a bride against her wish. He will be left alone now. They have already left his side. Last time, when I had abducted Kamlwati, you had told me that it doesn’t suit me. Does the present situation suit Pratap? Now I have a valid reason to attack on him. All the other Rajputs will support me. Heer asks him about Phool. What about her? Akbar replies that she too will be punished like Pratap. She will be punished for not loving me.

Vaid checks Phool. I cannot say anything surely if Phool will survive or not. My medicine will keep her alive but I am not sure if she will live.

US gets a message from Ram Singh where it is clearly mentioned that Pratap has abducted Phool. Raimal adds fuel to the fire. What is the point of Pratap interfering in the wedding when Akbar and Ram Singh have mutually decided for the wedding? It will make both the parties angry. We lost Chittor and now it will be Udaipur. How will we face Marwar and Akbar together? Pratap dint seek anyone’s help or discuss it with anyone. He just went ahead and did what he liked. Akbar will attack Mewar like a hurt lion this time. Marwar will be now on his side. Because of Pratap’s mistake, no other Rajput state will be with us. Write an apology letter to Akbar before anything wrong happens. DB slaps him. How dare you talk to Rana ji about surrendering to Akbar? Get out. Raimal walks out of the room. US too feels that Pratap has made a very big mistake by kidnapping Phool. Akbar will seek revenge. DB advises him not to think of all this at the moment. Right now we only can wait for Pratap to come home. We will find a solution then.

Amar keeps asking his mother about his father. Can I go to help him? Ajabde has no clue about it. Don’t trouble me. JB comes there. Amar complains to her that his mother gets upset with him or scolds him a lot nowadays. JB can understand that Ajabde is very worried. Amar hopes that she keeps coming to their room very often. You say that I am good boy but seems like Ma has forgotten it. JB agrees. He leaves. JB knows that Ajabde is worried after knowing all the messages that have come in. Hear and trust your inner voice when you are too confused or at a loss of anything concrete. Stick to your faith. I can see that he will be blamed from all the sides now. You will be his only support at the moment. Ajabde says it isn’t as easy to be Pratap’s wife and live up to the responsibilities. JB knows it but she has to do it. They share a hug.

Maan Singh is curious as to why Akbar has taken only a handful of his army to attack on Udaipur. Akbar is sure that other Rajput states will join him. Pratap has done the worst thing by kidnapping a Rajput girl. No Rajput will ever like it.

Raimal is irked as his sister has ruined the plan. Now we only have to wait for Akbar to attack. Kanak Raj comes to inform him that he saw a big army on his way when he was coming to the palace. Akbar was leading them. Raimal and Jagmal are shocked. Raimal talks about packing their bags. The sooner we get out of here the better. Jagmal thinks of apologizing to Akbar but Raimal knows that it is of no use now. DB asks him to write a letter to Akbar on her behalf. Write that I want to meet him. Raimal says I don’t know Akbar. How can I send your message to him? DB knows the reality too well. Raimal agrees. Why do you want to meet him? DB wants to save Mewar from the approaching doom.

Vaid congratulates Pratap as the medicine has shown its effect. Phool wakes up. Pratap goes to her side. She asks him about the place where they are. He says this is the place of Bheels. You are completely safe here. She thinks of what had happened. That happened for real! You really brought me from the mandap? Pratap nods. Phool asks for the poison. I really want to die. Pratap calms her down. Phool says people will gossip now. Father will be in a tight spot. What will I do? Where will I go? She has a fainting spell so he makes her drink water. Pratap tells her that he will take her to Udaipur. She reasons that his family wont accept her. I will become a problem for them too. A Bheel rushes in to inform them that Mughal and Marwar soldiers are surrounding their jungle. Phool still wants to go as it will set everything right. Pratap has a hard time calming her down. He makes her lie down again so she can rest. You will not go anywhere without me. I have taken the responsibility to save you. If I take you back to Marwar, then your father will hand you over to that Mughal. I wont let it happen. Rana Punja too assures her that no one can reach her till they are here. Pratap has a plan to tackle their enemy!

Ram Singh and Maan Singh notice a few people leaving from a cave in the jungle. They have covered their faces with blankets. Ram Singh recognizes the clothes of the person. They surround that troop. Hand over Phool to us! It turns out to be Rana Punja and a lady. Rana Punja tells them that Pratap and everyone might have reached every far by now.

Phool is dressed in ordinary clothes.

Rana Punja says we have no personal enmity but we can fight you if you want to. There is a history of Bheels and this jungle. We have never lost. This is jungle is ours after all. Ram Singh shares that Akbar wont spare anyone who is supporting Pratap.

Precap: Akbar announces war against Udaipur. We will leave shortly. DB tells US that Pratap is here along with Phool. US calls Pratap a criminal as he has committed an unpardonable crime. Summon him in the court for he will get his punishment now. A courtier informs Pratap that Rana ji has called him in the court.

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