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The soldiers are having a hard time pulling the giant elephant inside the palace premises.

Amar and Phool are talking about the incident when he spotted the culprit (Tara Bai). She calls him smart and intelligent just like his father. Amar is curious about what all his father did in his age. Amar gets sad to know that his father did so much when he was only this old. She agrees to talk to Pratap. Amar asks her if father agrees to everything that she says just like father agrees to mother’s words. She thinks of Pratap and her equation.

DB is anxious thinking about Akbar’s place. Maan and her husband pay her a surprise visit to her. Maan clears it to her that they haven’t come here to meet her. Just like you have all your love for your son Jagmal, we have come here for Ajabde

bhabhi. DB nods. I know it. Go and meet her. Maan and her husband leaves. DB prays that their mission succeeds somehow.

All the citizens are very excited to know about the news of arrival of Pratap’s baby. Celebrations are on in full swing in the palace. Amar sits with his mother. Phool says you don’t have much time to give your younger brother a gift. Amar is confused. How can you be so sure it will be a brother? I like sisters. Ajabde only wants his wish to be fulfilled. I should have someone to take care of me when the father son duo will go on a war. Maan denies. It should only be a boy. A girl has to leave her house. No one remembers her afterwards. She asks Ajabde why she dint invite her. Ajabde teases her on her love for her husband (Shaligram). Phool adds that Ajabde is always so busy taking care of everyone that she forgets herself and her loved ones at time. Shaligram is happy to know that there will be no war now. Maan gets excited to know that Phool is the Choti Rani now. Maan teases her on kids. Learn from Ajabde bhabhi. Phool says it is the same thing. Maan continues teasing her. Phool looks uncomfortable. Ajabde signals CK who makes the woman play music again. Phool and CK dance along with Maan.

Heer Bai is doing puja. She notices the angry look on Akbar’s face. I got to know that Ajabde is going to be a mother soon. I got this cradle for her as a gift. You look worried? He replies that he is worried for her. I am scared as Pratap and his family are reciprocating your love. Pratap has refused our peace proposal. You can ask Maan Singh if you want to. He must be reaching Agra soon. Pratap dint even come to attend the meeting. Heer Bai is taken aback. Akbar adds that he tried for peace for the first time only on her insistence. I have never been so good with anyone. Pratap refused my proposal and your wish. I bore this insult for you but now you must swear on me that you will never force me to do anything like this again. She cries. I cannot look in my own eye. There is only one solution to save things. Your gift was accepted by Pratap. Maybe he dint think it right to return such a grand gift. That is our only hope now. She asks him if he still expects peace from Pratap’s side. He denies. I only hope for war now!

CK takes Maan and Shaligram to their room. CK keeps teasing her sister. Shaligram points out that CK has grown up now. CK excuses herself. Shaligram cutely puts his arm around Maan’s shoulder. She shies away. CK looks at them from a distance. She misses Rai Singh. Ajabde notices her thus. She too thinks of how sad she was to see Rai Singh leave. She asks CK to say whatever is in her heart. How will others know then? CK feigns innocence but Ajabde knows that she knows what she is talking. Say it out. CK says you know everything that I feel. Ajabde suggests him to talk to her Dada bhai. How will you get married otherwise? Should I talk to him on your behalf? CK agrees. But please be careful. Ajabde promises to talk to Pratap whenever she finds a chance. They share a hug.

Chetak neighs at night. The soldiers are unable to control him. Faizal Khan (FK) and his men are inside the elephant. They think that they are locked inside or they would have killed him by now. Chetak continues neighing.

Amar is practising when Ajabde comes there. Since when are you practising secretly? He shares that he has been doing so since he got to know that his sister is coming. How can her Dada bhai be weak? She should be proud of me. I will have to work for it. Ajabde is touched. You have so much time for the one who is still not in this world but you don’t have time for your mother who waits all day long for you. He replies that his morning starts with her and the night ends with her only. I only want to do something to make you proud. I want to be like father. I want you to be proud like his mother was of him. I try all the time but I don’t know when I will get such a result. She hugs him. You always make me proud. He asks her what happened. She is clueless. I only want you to be close to me today. I don’t want you to go away from me for even a second. They share a hug again.

A soldier says maybe he got scared from the wooden elephant. Tie him near to his pal so he calms down. The other soldier agrees. DB looks at Chetak. Not just he, but I too am anxious. I will make you pay for whatever you have done to me Pratap. I cannot wait anymore!

Ajabde tells Pratap that she feels very happy today. No other woman would have been this happy as you have made me till date. He asks her why she is talking like this again. They talk romantically to each other. You (Ajabde) gave me so much love, respect and everything but I couldn’t give you anything. This thought comes to my mind every night. She is happy that he thinks of her before sleeping daily. He wants to grant her a wish tonight. I will give you whatever you say. She wants 2 things. One, get CK married. She is all grown up now. Pratap thinks that she is still very young. Ajabde denies. She will be very happy somewhere else. He is confused. She tells him to think while he lies down to rest. She asks for his union with Phool as her second wish. You don’t have to worry thinking of me. He refuses to talk on this particular matter.

DB comes out of the palace. She sends all the soldiers to clean the mess behind the palace. She takes out a red cloth and waves at FK. FK smirks. He opens the secret door. FK and his men step out of the giant elephant. Chetak starts neighing again.

Ajabde reminds Pratap that he just promised. He calls it his mistake. It was my biggest mistake to give you all the love of all my life. You want to share it with the rest of the world. She reasons that she dint ask him to stop loving her. He ends the discussion. I do everything by completely focussing on it. He leaves.

FK and his troop step inside the palace. DB closes the door after them. DB is guiding FK and his men through the corridor. Pratap is also walking on another side of the corridor. He smiles thinking of all his romantic moments with Ajabde. He looks at the moon. You are just like the moon in my life, all calm and peaceful. You are just perfect. The sky is incomplete without the moon. Ours is a similar situation. You can try to push me away from you but I will never go away from you. Chetak neighs once again which worries Pratap. What happened to him? He asks the soldier who is taking care of Chetak. The soldier says maybe he got scared of the elephant. Pratap thinks otherwise. I will come down to check.

Chundavat ji motivates the soldiers not to become weak after hearing the news of the war being dismissed. You have to be on your toes all the time. He goes to take a round of the palace. Don’t be careless.

DB guides FK to Pratap’s room. Chundavat ji keeps coming to check on the security. She hides seeing Pratap talking to a daasi. He tells her to inform Ajabde that he will be back in a while. DB tells FK not to do anything at the moment. The guards are up in every corner. Don’t do something that ruins it all. FK asks her not to worry. I will eat everyone up. She says you have to abide by my orders. Pratap heads in the same direction. She steps forward to engage him in a convo. I was getting a room cleaned. I cannot pray like jija so I spend my time by engaging in such work. He nods and then excuses himself.

Chundavat ji wants Pratap not to step out of the palace alone. Let me do my work please. Pratap allows the soldiers to accompany him till the stable. Pratap tries to calm down Chetak but in vain. You are no ordinary horse. Think of my respect. Calm down please. Chetak calms down. Pratap talks to him. You are a father now. You will wake up everyone if you continue neighing like this. He tells the soldier to take care of Chetak.

DB tells FK that Pratap is in the stable. No soldier is there. Your work will be easily done. My work ends here. Now it is your turn. I want to see Pratap dead tomorrow morning with the sunrise. FK assures her of the same. He heads outside along with his men.

Precap: Chundavat ji notices the footsteps of FK and his men. He begins to follow it when FK stabs him from behind. He follows Pratap and Amar as they walk in the corridor together.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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