Maharana Pratap 22nd October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 22nd October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 22nd October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Pratap thinking about the incident and people of Boondi , He feel very helpless that he couldn’t do anything for Boondi praja ..Rani maa comes to him and says I know your are angry on me , that is because i told you not to touch any weapon or fight , I am happy that you listen to me and did not fight with Boondi king , Pratap asks her about the they met at Boondi , she wanted to touch her feet , Rani maa avoids his question and asks him to rest as it is very late , Pratap says like i followed and did what you wanted me do in Boondi similarly , you should tell me about that lady , Rani maa tells pratp that lady is no ordinary lady , she is tai maa of Rana Udaysingh ,because of her scarifies Rana Uday singh is there ,and Mewar clould have his King , When Ranaji

was young he lost his father , They appointed a person as his representative , who went againts him and tried to take over the crown , one night he killed every supporter of Ranaji while he was sleeping , before he could reach his room panna tai planned something which no mother could ever do , she made her son sleep in his bed and took Rana ji to a safe place , after that she left Mewar and never return , she did’t want to meet Ranaji after that …Pratap feels very sad that she is leaving in Boondi which is a hell , He promises that he will bring her out of that place ..

BK sends a massage to Boondi king that he is very dissapointed that in spite of his help and gift , Rao Sultan the Boondi king couldn’t catch Pratap , he should keep harrasing his janta so that their cry would reach till Mewar and pratap would come to Boondi , if he doesn’t get success in trapping pratap then he would take all shahzadi of Mughal who had been been sent to him ..Boondi king follows his instruction and tells his man to do that same ,

here in Mewar Pratap goes to meet his friend , he tells him that he wants to go to Boondi , his friend says that is not a safe place to go , Pratap says all he need is to borrow his horse , His friend says he can take that as the horse is not in a very good condition , and his father wants to get rid of it , Pratap goes to stable and sees the horse is restless , he make it comfortable and then take the horse to Boondi

pratap reaches Boondi border , there the security check was very strict , each and every person was checked thoroughly, Pratap leaves the horse little away form the entrance gate to Boondi and stands in the queue , a Guard notices him then he become busy checking ..that time a bulluck cart was about to enter the gate Pratp hide beneath that and enters the gate , the guard realize that pratap who was standing in the queue is missing , he alarms everyone ..

Precap : Boondi king is at Panna tai ‘s house and says I know he would come here ,he calls for Pratap , he comes out , Boondi king asks him who are you he says my name is Pratap …

Update Credit to: cheena007

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