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A commander asks Akbar to come with him asap. Some people have entered inside our tents. Our soldiers are fighting very bravely with them but the problem is, there are lot many labourers in here. Your life can be in danger in this situation. Your security is of utmost importance for us.

Akbar asks Kalla who all have come with him. Kalla says I came here alone but they came to help me. No one will get out of here alive. Akbar orders his soldiers to make sure Kalla is not able to flee or he wont spare them. He walks away with the commander.

HA’s soldiers overhear someone coughing. They think that someone is indeed here. They get frightened after seeing lots of bats and run out. there is no one inside the ruins. It is only bats. HA decides to leave right away so they don’t lose

track of US. Jagmal gets glad seeing this. He takes a step further and a stone falls off. HA and the soldiers hear the sound.

Pratap enters inside Akbar’s tent. Kalla smiles seeing him there. The Mughal soldiers wonder why Kalla is smiling. Death is waiting for you. Kalla tells him to look back. The soldiers attack Pratap but he kills them all along with Kalla. The others are also busy in fighting off with the other soldiers.

HA and the soldiers leave. Everyone gets relieved after seeing them heading back. Amar thanks Ekling ji and goes inside.

Rawat ji doesn’t support Surtan ji’s idea of leaving Mewar. Dodhiya ji adds that they are Rajputs. They cannot run away. Don’t you know it that the enemy will make this their home! Rawat ji regrets it that Pratap dint listen to him. Dodhiya ji tells him not to think of what has already happened. What should we do now? Rawat ji wants to fight with these Mughals till they are alive. Now I must send Ajabde outside the fort. She has to go for Amar Singh. I have to save her at any cost.

Ajabde tells the servant to make preps for Pratap’s favourite food. The other ladies tell her that she is giving false promises to herself. Ajabde reasons that Pratap has never lied to anyone. He never lies to me. He told me to make preps for lunch / dinner. Rawat ji comes there. He tells her to leave the fort right away and go to some safe place. I have made all the preps. She cannot go with Pratap. I have never stepped out without him and will never do so. He told me to wait for him here. He never makes false promises. Rawat ji advises her to accept the truth. The painful truth is that! Ajabde stops him mid sentence. You brought the chunri to me. There was no sign on it that can prove it that he died in that blast. He talks about the situation at hand. I don’t find it unusual. The chunri was all intact but it isn’t a valid proof that will justify that Pratap is alive. She still sticks to her belief.

Pratap and Kalla hug. Kalla asks him as to why he came here. You risked your life for me. Pratap replies that he is a very brave warrior of Chittor and his dear friend. I tried my best to stop you but couldn’t. Kalla apologises to him for his mistake. They turn to leave but more soldiers come in.

Amar Singh goes to light a diya in a temple near the ruins. Jagmal tells him that God cannot be here. Amar replies that Ma always says that God is always everywhere. We got saved because of God only. I will light it here only. Amar prays for everyone’s welfare. Jagmal keeps the diya in an open place (which is a little high and can be sighted from far) from where the God can see it. He cannot see it in the ruins. Amar Singh walks away miffed.

DB is concerned about Chand as she has really high fever. I will lose her if she is not treated on time. She requests US to bring a Vaid asap. He cannot leave right now as Hussain Kuli might find out about them. I cannot risk everyone’s life because of me. my raj dharma wont allow me for this.

HK notices the lit diya. This means someone is there for sure. He turns back.

DB tells US not to worry about the citizens for now. Think about Chand. She will die this way. He is helpless as he is a king. Chand coughs. US feels bad. He walks closer and apologises to Chand. I am helpless in front of my responsibilities. He goes out. chand mentally apologizes to him. I can understand your problem. You are right. You should fulfil your responsibility and now I will do mine.

Yaar Begh holds his head. He goes to look for Pratap and anyone who is with him. Raja Jaimal sends Patta after him. Akbar asks him commanders as to who attacked him. He realises that it is Pratap. He is the biggest thorn of my life. I will end his chapter tonight. Call everyone here. I will give anyone, who brings Pratap alive before me, anything that he will ask for!

Pratap and Kalla kill all those Mughal soldiers. They are heading outside when Pratap notices the structure of Mewar kept there. He breaks it. Isa Kaka and his troops surround Akbar’s tent. You (Pratap) cannot go out of here alive. The best thing that you can do is surrender yourself to us. It will be really foolish of you if you try to go against it. it will almost be a suicide for you. which way will your choose? Epi ends on Pratap’s face.

Precap: Isa Kaka and the other commader decide to set fire to the tent. Kalla tells Pratap that it will become really tough for them to go out this way. Chand is somewhere. She thinks that she will never come in between his father’s way (or his responsibilities)!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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