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Maharana Pratap 22nd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Pratap tries to alert their friend from fire and he gets injured. Here ajab’s hand gets burned. hansa mosi says, you can stop fire by clothes. Ajab says, if i will put clothe on fire then light will gets unlighten and it is lighten for pratap. Chakrapani says to pratap, why will you burn yourself for me. Pratap says, because you are not single now, you are married. Rawal ji says, i dig a little bit in tunnel but i didnt get any success. Pratap says to rawal ji, now you go and unlighten the fire, i will dig the tunnel. Uday singh ji and mamrat ji reaches near to fort and they see smoke. Here pratap creates a hole and calls uday singh. Uday singh ji says to mamrat ji, pratap has called me and i know, from where is he calling me. Uday singh ji moves towards smoke.

khan ordered to his soldiers for pratap and his friends body ash. Uday singh reaches near to hole and ordered their soldiers to break the wall. Pratap comes out from tunnel. Uday singh ji see pratap’s wounds and gets tensed.
Haji khan and pratap’s friends comes out from tunnel. Haji khan says, pratap didnt killed jalal due to your priciples then uday singh interrupts haji khan and says, if pratap will kill jalal in unconscious then i will not forgive him for whole life. Pratap says, now i will go inside fort and make him conscious and then i will kill him. Uday singh ji stops him and says, if you will go then kill me then you can go anywhere. I told you previously that we are waiting for our soldiers. Keep in your mind, if we will back steps for getting stronger then it is strategy, not cowardness. You are not alone, so many mothers and sister have hope for you. Uday singh ji hugs pratap. Uday singh ji says, i am also gets hurted but i will assure you, i will fight against mughals but i am waiting for you.
Bahram khan ask about jalal tension. Jalal says, i am not sleep calmly, i think something happened last night. Bahram khan says, forget everything, mughal sign is now assemble, so please see everything. Nargis gets tensed and says, will jalal not order to kill me. Bahram khan says, you will not get killed but shut your mouth!!!!
Jalal inaugrates the symbol of mughal and says, abu jaan, see today is your dream becoming completed. Pratap see all this. Everybody gives slogan of jalal. Jalal inform to rajputana that he will capture complete rajputana specially mewar.

Precap:- Jalal says to bahram khan, i dont know why are you so tensed about pratap. Uday singh announces war against jalal. Pratap says, now mewar soldier will not go alone.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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