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PM continues to laugh at Pratap’s confusion. You will find out real soon. Pratap beats them, demanding for an explanation of what he had said. PM too hits him on his head and runs away. Pratap shouts after him. Run as much as you want to, I too will see till how far you can go!

DB helps US in getting ready with a heavy heart. He tells her to be strong. You have to take care of the palace in my absence. Promise me you will be strong and fulfil the responsibilities of Mewar’s maharani. Amar Singh too wants to join him but US gives him the responsibility of saving all the women of Mewar. Amar Singh says I wont even let anyone step inside our Mewar. US blesses him. DB signals VB to give US his sword while DB herself puts the iron helmet over his head. he tells them both to take care of themselves

and leaves. DB hopes Pratap returns soon as they all are in real danger.

Pratap calls out for PM. Where are you hiding like a coward? I know you are here only. I promise I will give you an easy death if you come in front of me right now. Tell me what you wanted to tell me about Chittor. PM is hiding nearby only, ready with a stick in his hand to attack Pratap. He comes out of his hiding place and is about to attack Pratap from behind when Chetak pushes him. Pratap thanks Chetak. PM starts running again. Pratap challenges him to run as far as he can / want to but he will die today.

The villagers are being manhandled by Hussain Ali and his soldiers.

Pratap and Chetak chase PM.

On the other hand, Mughal soldiers catch hold of all the women and men to make them their slave. Husaain Ali orders them to kill whoever tries to oppose or interrupt them.

Pratap thinks of the time when PM had come to Chittor with the proposal of Maan’s marriage with Akbar, BK’s death. PM falls near a stream. Pratap too gets down from Chetak and walks up to PM with a rope in his hand. I spared you alive that day thinking that you are merely Akbar’s messenger. I was bound by my dharma but not today. He ties PM’s hands and then ties the rest of the rope around his body. I had promised BK that I wont leave you. you killed your own Guru. Who else in this world will be this cruel! Only a coward Mughal can do this. I wont leave you alive today. PM requests him to leave him but Pratap ties the other end of the rope to a big stone.

US, Rawat ji and Dodiya ji are heading to that village along with their troops. Hussain Ali continues to attack on the innocent people. The Mughal soldiers separate a woman from her son. One of the soldiers are about to kill the kid when US aims his dagger at the right time and kills that particular soldier. The kid rushes back to where his mother is and hugs her. Hussain Ali and US stare at each other.

PM knows that pratap wont spare him even if he tells him the meaning of what he had said. PM tells Pratap that he is fighting in vain. Your Rajputana will be finished real soon. You will also die. Pratap pushes him in the stream. His words echo in Pratap’s mind though.

Hussain Ali is not aware of US’s real identity. He challenges them to a fight. US points out that Mughals are known for their indiscipline, rudeness and ill manners. You were tormenting a woman after all. This weapon less woman is much braver than you. She was atleast trying to fight with you to save her son. He tells that woman to throw her bangles at the Mughal commander. He deserves that only. Hussain Ali (HA) arrogantly vows them to show who he is. US too decides to teach a lesson to Mughals. Let us send them back to Afghanistan. US and HA get into a fight.
Acharya too reaches there. He finds pratap lost in deep thoughts. What happened to PM? Pratap tells him that PM is no more. there was no personal enmity between PM and me. I killed him for he killed my enemy (BK). BK was my enemy yet he was a brave warrior. He was PM’s Guru. I had promised BK (when he was dying) that I wont leave PM alive. I fulfilled my promise but I am not feeling good. Acharya knows him too well. You are full of humanity. If humanity is still alive in a person then that person is bound to be sad over anyone’s death, even if that other person is PM. Killing your Guru is considered as the biggest sin amongst Rajputs. This is why what happened with PM is justified. We should go to meet Raja Jaimal. We have to head to Chittor too then. Pratap tells him about what PM had hinted. Acharya has no clue about anything. We will have to leave from here right away. Pratap nods.

US and HA are fighting. HA is having a hard time fighting with him. HA orders his soldiers to attack the man (US) as well. They oblige. Dodiya ji and Mewar’s soldiers too get in the fight but US tells him to save the citizens instead. He bravely fights with the Mughals then but they all surround him. HA calls himself brave but US points out that he is standing with an army while he is fighting alone. You all are no good. Think yourself who is what when it is you who need these many people to fight with a single person. HA orders the soldiers to kill him (US) but Rawat ji comes there just then with his troops. They all get into a fight. US cuts one of the fingers of HA who screams out in pain. Tell Akbar to go back to Agra or I will do the same with him and the rest of the Mughals. HA runs away with his soldiers.

Precap: Pratap feels as if Chittor is in some danger. US gets all the citizens ready to enter Chittor before Akbar or his commanders attack their village again. On the other hand, the Mughal soldiers decide to attack on Chittor’s palace today. No Rajput should be left alive.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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