Maharana Pratap 21st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 21st October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 21st October 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with boondi kind is threre in front of pratap who is standing middle of the market place , which is crowed place Rani maa and Rajputani ladies are there , Kind asks pratap tell me where is he hiding ? Rani maa nods seeing pratap …King is angry that pratap didn’t obey his order , That time the thief who is a girl hides inside the drum which kept next to the tree where she was hiding … King could make out the movement and comes near the drum and pushes it ..Pratap and all are surprised to find that no was there in that drum , King becme very angry and asks everyone tell me where is she disappear…no one says anything , King says you all have to pay me tax for doing puja here ..all are quite he says ok no one is going to say anything right ? fine pay double

tax ..People over there thinks this king has gone mad who is going to take tax for doing puja …King thinks about BK words and plans to implement that BK told him to take tax for each and everything ..He does the same , Pratap feels very angry but keep quite , A man from the crowd comes froward says I will not give any tax and let me tell you that you have lost your mental balance to take tax for everything ..King slit his wrist he starts bleeding , Pratap , Rani maa and all are shocked to see that , Pratap was about to move towards the man Rani maa stops him and says Rajput never brakes his promise this man will surely die whether you move forwards to fight with king or not so its better you stay where you are …King asks everyone to move and pay tax Rani maa asks pratap go from there ..Pratap is feeling angry , helpless and very sad he gets the flashback of the man killed by Boondi king …He sees the girl who ran away after stealing ..Rani maa recognizes the lady with that girl ..Both reconise each other the lady requests Rani maa to leave this place as soon as possible because nothing is right over here ..

BK is very angry that his plan to trap Pratap didn’t work , He says after so much of injustice with the people of Boondi ,nothing happened , Jalal was listening to BK he says wait khan baaba not so soon I am sure whatever going on in Boondi it will impact Pratap just wait and watch quietly , he will come in front of us on his own ,

Pratap is going back to Mewar thinking about the incident took place in Boondi ..he seems very upset for not helping the man killed by boondi king ..

Precap : Pratap and Rani maa are in Mewar, Partap takes oath in front of krishna idol ,that he will help Boondi people to and teach their king a lesson …Bk is very upset that Boondi king could not trap Pratap …

Update Credit to: cheena007

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