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Maharana Pratap 21st July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Pratap reaches at secret place to go in Dewaan-e-khas. Bahram khan also reaches there then jalal ask from bahram khan, why you came here? bahram khan says, i came here to see the dance but i am going but before that i want to give something to nargis. Bahram khan says to nargis, pratap is already reaches there, so be alert!!!
Jalal again calls to bahram khan. Nargis mix some solution into jalal’s wine for taking his concentration on her. Bahram khan alerts all his soldiers for pratap. Pratap see jalal’s reflection in mirror. Nargis frightened and jalal gets dizzy. Pratap says, he is in dizzy. Pratap breaks mirror. Nargis rings the alarm and bahram khan runs with his soldier towards Dewaan-e-khas. Pratap finds jalal. Pratap says, wake up mughal, i came here to

fight you, you always tries to fight with me, come on and fight with me as warrior. Jalal open his swords but he falls down. Pratap says, come on!!! wake up, you make laugh of my mother and i will cut your hand by fighting with you, so that anyone will not try to see on our land. Bahram khan reaches at room and all soldiers surrounds pratap. Pratap fights with soldier but unfortunately pratap gets injured.
Rawal throw rope for pratap and pratap comes out from deewan-e-khas.
Here JB calls her dassi for giving news to hansa that rana ji and mamrat ji gone to alwar to bring back pratap. DB taunts to JB then veer bai ji comes in between matter but JB says to veerbai ji, dont come in matter between two rani’s. Jb says to Db, hansa is my friend. DB taunts to JB, not only bijolia again gets friend, but also marwar also became friend. JB says, nature has already pair of pratap and ajab. Db says, it will happen later, first of all, let pratap bring back to mewar safely.
Pratap comes out from fort and soldier attack to rawal ji and pratap friends. They killed all soldiers then haji khan says, let go to tunnel. Soldier hear it and goes to inform to bahram khan. Haji khan and all reaches in tunnel and bahram khan also reaches there but they finds nobody. Bahram khan says, he cannot tell lie to bahram khan then bahram khan check the wall and says, it is hollow then soldier inform to bahram khan that haji khan has made the tunnel but it was not completed. So if they will hide in it then they cannot goes out from outside of this tunnel. THen bahram khan ordered to put holes in walls and put oil in it and burn it.
Pratap says, i think they are making some plan. Haji khan says, you are right but from where will we go. Pratap see oil and says, they are trying to burn us. bahram khan burns the tunnel.

Bahram khan laughs on pratap and says, pratap cannot fulfil his dream. Tomorrow we will show pratap’s body ash to jalal.

Precap:- Uday singh says to mamrat ji, i think pratap confronts to jalal then he see smoke. Pratap tries to dig the tunnel and all his friends gets dizzy. Bahram khan ordered to soldier to bring out ash of pratap body.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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