Maharana Pratap 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 21st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldiers cluster around Pratap and Chakrapani. Pratap and Chakrapani beat all the soldiers. Pratap finds out Raja Jaimal’s location from one of the soldiers. They head there to free Raja Jaimal. Acharya, Kalla, Khetu, Pratap and Chakrapani kill all the soldiers who come in their way. Khetu notices one of the soldiers trying to attack Pratap from behind. She beats that coward Mughal. Pratap notices the same and thanks her by shaking his head.

PM gets the door of the jail closed from inside. Pratap and his fellowmen reach there just then. Acharya says it is impossible to break this door. Kalla is sure PM would have found out that they we are here. Pratap feels that now PM would try his best to kill Raja Jaimal.

Raja Jaimal reminds PM that he had told him not to leave him alive. Now

you will die! Khetu suggests everyone to blast the door and then enter inside. She is carrying gunpowder with her. Inside, PM tells Jaimal that I don’t know whether I will survive today or not but surely I wont leave you today. He loads the gun. Outside, Khetu places the bomb at the wall. Pratap lights it thread and they all wait anxiously for it to explode. PM aims the gun at Raja Jaimal. The bomb explodes just then. PM’s bullet hits Raja Jaimal on his shoulder. Everyone looks on in shock as Pratap enters walks inside along with his team. PM orders his soldiers to catch them all and kill them. He runs outside to save himself. Kalla and Pratap rush to free Raja Jaimal. Raja Jaimal thanks Pratap for his timely help. Pratap talks about his duty. Pratap tells Chakrapani to take care of Raja Jaimal. I will go alone to PM to even out some past records (at the time of BK’s death). Acharya too follows him later on.

Akbar sees a dream where everyone is talking against Akbar after facing defeat from Mewar. All the neighbouring states have revolted against us. One of the soldiers suggests him to leave India and return to Afghanistan asap. Akbar wakes up with a start. He walks out of his tent. His commander tells him that the army is getting restless. There is no one to bring food or water for them. we feel we have put ourselves in a problem. Akbar’s inner voice yet again echoes in his head, saying that there is still time. You should return. You have made a very big mistake by coming here. Akbar shouts at it to stop. The commander is boggled. Akbar tells him (Hussain Ali) to wait for his decision. It will happen real soon. Mughal soldiers bring Rann Singh there.

US is waiting for Rawat ji. He was supposed to bring another handful of army for us. Dodiya ji assures him that Rawat ji has gone to the same thing but it might take a little longer than expected as the number is huge. DB comes there to ask US to have food. How will other people from the palace eat if you don’t eat? He sits down to eat. US is about to eat when a soldier comes to inform him that Rann Singh has been made captive by Akbar.

Akbar asks Rann Singh whether Pratap is in the palace at the moment or not. Rann Singh refuses to tell him anything even if he kills him. Akbar sends him to be tortured that so much that he speaks up. He orders his soldiers to do anything that they have to do but make Rann Singh talk. We have to find out about Pratap before making any decision. Akbar turns to Hussain Ali. Tell the army to be a little patient. I will tell my decision very soon. it will be favourable to them only. Arrange for their comfort (including girls) for them. Attack a few villages nearby Chittor. Make all the men slave and bring the ladies / girls here for all of us.

DB is tensed after realising that Pratap dint get the message till now. Another soldier comes to inform US about Hussain Ali attacking one of Mewar’s villages. They are making our people their slave. US decides to go and fight on his own. I wont let any villager get harmed like this. He orders Dodiya ji to ready their troops for this emergency. Dodiya ji nods.

Raja Jaimal wakes up and asks for Pratap. He is still not back. Raja Jaimal wants to share the message with him asap. Chakrapani, Khetu and Champa are shocked to know that Akbar has surrounded Mewar. Someone was bringing that message here for Pratap but somehow PM got hold of that message.

PM stops outside a hut in jungle. He is thirsty and notices the pot outside. He gets down drinking it but Pratap breaks it from his sword before PM can drink it. Where are you running to PM? Every route will take you to hell only. PM is scared to see him. he tries to run away but Pratap chases him and beats him. PM begs him for forgiveness but in vain. PM tries to stealthily hurt him with a stone but Chetak steps over his hand to stop him from doing so. PM screams out in pain. Pratap thanks him by nodding his head. He then turns to PM. You Mughals are not at all clever. He beats PM when PM suddenly starts laughing maniacally. You are wasting your time here. You should have been in Chittor right now. Pratap is confused / alert. PM says you will find out real soon. your house is on fire. Pratap is in thoughts.

Precap: US, Rawat ji and Dodiya ji fight with the Mughal soldiers. US cuts one of the fingers of Hussain Ali. Tell Akbar to go back to Akbar. PM tells Pratap that he is fighting in vain. Your Rajputana will be finished real soon. Pratap pushes him in a pond, with his feet tied to a big heavy stone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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