Maharana Pratap 20th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 20th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratap riding horse towards Afghan camp. Badshah Khan says he heard about Bai ji lal’s bravery stories and she killed her soldiers. He says it is right time to cut her feathers. He asks how is she feeling in his cage. Badshah Khan tells that Afghan does not forget anyone and forgive them. Ajabde says about Rajput who can’t be caught by soul and heart. She says she does not accept defeat. She says she knows about Pratap to be her husband and he has invited his death by inviting him. She says Pratap will ruin him. Pratap sees Chetak on the way and is impressed that he has taken Patta. Pratap praises his speed and Chetak neighs.

Ajabde tells when Afghan has disrespect a Rajput woman and Pratap has cut his hand. She tells about Pratap’s anger on Afghans before and reminds him about his father Shams Khan. Badshah Khan asks the soldiers to beat Ajabde. Ajabde asks him to think his last wish before his death. She says Pratap will win, he will not leave you. Ajabde’s Maa prays for her and tells the soldiers to save her. Parwat Das also speaks in support of Ajabde. He says Ajabde will die when Badshah Khan has taken her. Ajabde’s cage is lifted in air. It starts falling and comes on ground. Badshah Khan kills a soldier and Ajabde gets angry. Badshah Khan says good to see you caring for a soldier and he will send her to death too.

Parwat Das tells Bijolia people that no one can save Ajabde now. He says Chetak has taken wounded Patta and may be he has thrown him. Chetak brings Patta back. Badshah Khan makes a plan and explains his soldiers to dig a big hole in ground and cover it with weapons and leaves. Badshah Khan says he wants Pratap alive and if he is not trapped then he will attack Pratap. Ajabde recalls Pratap and their beautiful moments. She says if you could not save me in time, then don’t get sad. Pratap says he won’t let Ajabde die.
Pratap meets Chetak and praises him for dropping Patta back. Mansood and soldiers start attacking Pratap. Chetak runs after Pratap to save him sensing dance.

Chetak runs in high speed and jumps into the valley dug to save Pratap. Ajabde is in caged.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. very much pleased to see a Quick update in no time…episode ia very well written..

  2. waooo..justt…awesmmm .,.love.u…ptatap ….love.u….ajabdeh…<3

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