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24 February 1568:
Mughals are confused as they hear all the different voices coming out from the fort. Akbar thinks that the day has finally come when Chittor will be theirs.

Padanpol Door:
The ladies join the men at the door. Patta’s mother and wife are leading them. We wont let any Mughal get out of here alive. These ladies too have chosen Saka like the other men for their motherland. Chakrapani is in the end in his cart. They all say Jai Bhavani in unison.

The ladies get ready for Jauhar. Rani Sharda Bai addresses everyone. This moment will be etched in the history forever. Our brave husbands / soldiers are going out on the field. We have to do this to motivate them and keep our integrity intact. We also don’t want them to think about even for a second while they

are fighting. We want them to be assured that we are safe in God’s hands. We will light this kund for the very same reason. We are just fulfilling our promise to our husbands that we had given to our husbands in our wedding. We will not let any of the Mughal touch us. Rawat ji’s wife adds that their identity is sacrifice. This sacrifice will write a chapter in Mewar’s history which people will remember for life. Let us inspire everyone. They all drop their diyas in the kund. It is a very emotional moment.

The men see huge fire and smoke coming from inside. They are sad. Jaimal ji remarks that Mewar’s brave women are ready for the greatest sacrifice. We all should get ready for it. It is our turn now to show those Mughals that we are no less than them. No Mughal should enter in this fort!

The sun comes out. The ladies understand that the time has come. They are all ready. They do puja of the kund. Everyone outside can hear the chants of Jai Bhavani. Each person has tears in their eyes. The ladies pray to Ma Jwala. Please accept our sacrifice. We are doing it for our motherland and ourselves. The ladies jump in the kund. The ashes fall on people with the wind. Everyone is thinking about their special moments. Jaimal ji prays for peace for all those brave hearts. All the men think about their wives.

Akbar is confused. He asks Surajmal what’s happening. Surajmal pays his respects first. These ashes indicate that these Rajputs will not step out of the fort with the intention of sacrificing their lives. Akbar orders his soldiers to get all the troops ready. We have to keep an eye on all the four doors.

All the commanders in Mewar get ready to fight. Surajmal ji orders the soldiers to open the gates. They oblige. The commanders spread the ash all across their foreheads. Both the sides of armies march ahead. Patta’s mother addresses the other ladies. We are fighting for our kids, our people, our motherland. We will show Mughals today that they will have to fight with us women too if they want to get inside. Her DIL too tells them to stay together and fight. We have to protect ourselves and each other too.

Rawat ji and another commander fall off from their horse yet they aren’t deterred about fighting. A lot many Mughal soldiers attack him at once. He kills a lot many of them. One of them runs away. He loudly calls that coward not to run away from the field. Fight with me! A handful of soldiers surround Dodhiya ji but he proves out to be braver than all of them. Chakrapani is taking the cart away through the jungle as per the plan. Kalla too fights singlehandedly with many of the soldiers. Brave king Jaimal ji kills each soldier that comes in his way. Patta fights bravely and wards off each attacker. Chakrapani reaches the point where Chetak is waiting for him. He shares with Chetak that his Swami is unconscious inside the cart. We have to take him to a safe place now. Chetak neighs.

The fights continue. Akbar thinks that they wont be able to get hold onto the commanders easily.

A few Mughal soldier reach where Chakrapani is. We have been told not to spare any Chittor citizen. Chakrapani lies that he is one of the labour who helped in making that sand mountain. HK himself told me to go. The soldier asks him what’s inside the cart. Chakrapani lies that it is his stuff. The soldier checks the cart and is happy to see Pratap and Ajabde lying unconscious inside.

Precap: Kalla kills one of the commanders. Soldiers attack Rawat ji from behind. He is injured. Akbar finally throws a spear at him.

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  1. Mogul record of Jauhar of Rajput Women & Saka of Rajput Warriors at 3rd Siege of Chittor(1567-68) + Mughal Victory followed by Massacre of Rajput Civilians | Battle of Chittor Part-5 | With Portraits from Akbarnama & personal pictures of Chittor Fort

    Just reading the accounts of the war, even from one side only, makes our hearts beat faster and sends shivers of horror down our spine. The ferocity of the war in which man and beast alike were willing to kill and be killed for their cause, can only be imagined faintly.

    300 armoured trained Mughal War Elephants were let loose in the Fort in addition to the 60,000+ Mughal army fighting the force of 8000 Rajputs.

    The post recounts how Rajput warriors like Isar Das Chauhan and others singly fought these trained armoured war elephants…This was more like a man versus beast scenario.!

    The heroic exploits of Patta, Kalla, Jaimal, etc.. are recorded in these Mughal accounts. The Rajputs were glorious even in the defeat.

    Akbar recalls an incident where a chivalrous Rajput asked him to fight, and Akbar , though managed to kill this soldier, was amazed at the fighting spirit of this person, and tried his best to know who this brave man was, but he could not.

    The Rajputnis were not behind. The post recalls the horrors which the Rajputnis endeared in this war. Some of them died fighting the Mughal forces, some preferred Jauhar. Not giving those details here. Certain things can not be mentioned. They are present in the post.

    “The Rajput garrison was in sore distress, and ready to succumb, but no one proposed surrender to the Emperor. The Emperor had determined that he would capture by storm this Chittor – the strongest fortress of Hindustan, so that in future no other fortress should DARE to resist our Imperial army.”

    An unprecendented carnage ordered by Akbar after winning the battle.. We, who live in modern times, can hardly understand the emotions that must have run high in both the Mughals and the Rajputs during the course of the battle.

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