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Raimal congratulates all the kings as they have taken a new step towards a united Rajputana. If Pratap wins then it will be a new start. Chandrasen points out that it will happen only if Pratap wins. Raimal nods. If Pratap wins then we will all work against Akbar together. If he loses then we all are free to stick to our individual grounds. We can choose to be enemy or friends with Akbar as per our wish. Pratap hopes the second situation never arises. Chandrasen is very confident of his victory tomorrow. Pratap invites them for dinner. Bhagwan Das asks Raimal what’s happening. I too will have to side with Pratap if he wins. It will be against my wish. Raimal promises him that Pratap wont win at any cost. He might not be present in the competition tomorrow but his moves can

be clearly seen there.

Kanak Raj, Raimal and Jagmal come to where Chetak is kept. Kanak Raj has some potion. It will make sure that Chetak doesn’t participate tomorrow. He wont be fit to take part for next few days in anything. Jagmal still advises them not to mess with Chetak. If he finds out then he will hint it at any cost to Pratap. We will be in trouble then. Raimal is in thoughts. Jagmal feeds him something and talks nicely to Chetak. Meanwhile, Kanak Raj mixes something in Chetak’s food. He sneezes which alerts Chetak. He starts neighing. Mud splashes on everyone’s clothes. They all run away from there.

Pratap is practising darts. Amar is tensed as he has hit no bulls eye. Pratap replies that his mind wont be diverted tomorrow as his son will not be there holding the dart board. Ajabde adds that his son might not be there but the citizens, his allies, his opponents will be there. They all have a soft place for you irrespective of all the differences. He holds out his hand and she hands him a dart. Pratap aims again and hits bulls eye this time. Amar and Ajabde are very happy to see this. Amar hugs his father. Pratap thanks Ajabde. I respect Chandrasen ji. I have to win this competition for Rajputana’s unity. I have no option but to win!

Chetak looks at the fodder that has been kept before him. He clearly recalls the situation and then remembers Pratap telling him to finish his food or he wont talk to him tomorrow. He starts eating it.

Jagmal and Raimal enter inside the palace stealthily. Their clothes are all dirty. They talk about tomorrow’s competition as the soldiers are around. Jagmal is clueless where he will find water. DB asks them where they both are coming from. Raimal lies that Jagmal wanted to show off his horse riding skills. She remarks that no horse likes Jagmal. I thought only Chetak dislikes you. Raimal covers it from Jagmal’s situation.

Pratap recalls the war of Mewar in his sleep. He wakes up with a start. Chetak neighs. Pratap hears him. There is surely something which is why he is neighing at this hour. Pratap comes to talk to Chetak. Are you worried about things too? You shouldn’t worry. I will win the competition tomorrow and our new mission will start. He touches Chetak who has a high temperature. He orders soldiers to call the vet doctor. Raimal, Jagmal, Kanak Raj and Chakrapani come there. Vet Vaid tells Pratap that Chetak ate something wrong which is why he has high fever. He needs rest for 2-3 days. He calls another horse for tomorrow’s competition. Chetak neighs. Pratap tells him against it. You need rest. Chakrapani wonders if his prediction was right.

Ajabde does Pratap’s tilak. Amar is certain of his father’s victory and so is she. They seek Kanha’s blessings.

Ram Singh advises Chandrasen to keep calm. This is your only weakness. Chandrasen agrees to keep it in mind but he wants to avenge Phool’s pain this time. Raimal wishes good luck to Chandrasen. He keeps his other thoughts to himself. Your victory would mean Akbar’s victory.

Chakrapani is scared / tensed. Chandrasen can do anything to take his revenge. Acharya has faith in Pratap. His aim is bigger than Chandrasen’s personal motives. Pratap’s aim is meant for everyone’s good. At times this is only what matters. Chakrapani hopes his predictions turn out to be false and his expectations turn out to be true.

Jagmal drinks what Kanak Raj has got for Pratap’s horse. He finds it very tasty as maybe it has alcohol in it. Kanak Raj pours it over the horse. Kanak Raj thinks that the alcohol will certainly have a similar effect on the horse too. They turn to leave when Chetak neighs. Jagmal taunts him.

Pratap seeks his father’s blessings. DB too blesses him. Pratap thinks that he will succeed in his mission and throw that Mughal out of his motherland.

Precap: The competition begins

Update Credit to: Pooja

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