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Maharana Pratap 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chakrapani and Pratap are heading to the palace in a bullock cart. The royal message (from Rann Singh) is also in the same cart, in fact very near to Pratap’s hand but he misses seeing it. They notice Mughal soldiers checking every single person from top to toe along with the stuff they are carrying inside. Pratap tells Chakrapani not to be conscious or the soldiers will doubt us. Chakrapani nods.

Khetu tells Acharya and Kalla to hurry up as the Mughal soldiers are heading towards this side of the boundary wall only. They climb by the time the soldiers reach that side. Khetu’s father engages them in small talks and they get diverted for a while. Kalla pulls up the anchored rope by then. Khetu’s father misguides the soldiers.

PM orders his soldiers to end Raja Jaimal’s life

asap. Raja Jaimal laughs at his discomfort. He even asks PM about the blast outside. Your soldier too hasn’t returned by now. I feel something is going wrong here. I think you are going to be attacked and get killed real soon. PM angrily tells him to be quiet. He sends another soldier to find out what’s going on outside. Raja Jaimal tells him not to worry. My soldiers will give you a very peaceful death. You are near your end for sure! PM tells his soldiers to hurry up. They put the rope around Raja Jaimal’s neck.

Akbar’s inner voice yet again asks him till when will he keep quiet. I am your soul. You cannot scare / quieten me. you still have time. Go back or you will lose badly. The Rajputs, by lighting the torches at the palace, are trying to show you that they aren’t scared of you. They are actually mocking you. They may have also understood that you have no solid strategy / plan to gain access of the palace. Akbar tells him to go away. His inner soul screams the words at him again. Akbar breaks something so the soldiers come running inside to ask him if he is alright. Akbar sends them out as he wants to be alone. They leave.

Amar Singh complains to US regarding Jagmal. He is behaving badly with me and my family members since a long time now. US is upset at himself for forgiving Jagmal. He sends Dodiya ji to watch over the activities of their enemy. He goes with Amar Singh. Amar Singh asks him if Akbar’s army is really too huge. Will we lose in the war? US denies. the army is huge but we will defeat them. Akbar is really strong. Amar Singh asks him if they cannot sit and talk and clear away the differences with him if he is so strong. What does he want? US says Akbar wants to defeat us and make a part of his Empire. He wants to snatch our everything from us; and wants us to become his slave. Amar Singh reasons that that ways none of us will die. We can save our lives by accepting him as our master. US explains to him about what a slave is. Akbar will snatch our freedom, our rights, our respect, our motherland from us. Amar Singh adds that it is better to die with your head held high rather than stooping in front of anyone. US gets happy with his reply. You don’t have to worry about anything when I am here. Amar Singh is waiting for his father. US knows that Pratap will not come tonight. Possibly, he might come home tomorrow after completing his mission there. Amar Singh wants to fight along with his father against Akbar. We will defeat him. US nods. He puts Amar Singh to sleep.

Mughal soldiers tell the soldiers manning the gate that no stranger should be let inside without full check up. Check them thoroughly and then only send someone inside. No Rajput should be allowed inside. Check the clothes of everybody. They may change their attire to get inside the palace. Arrest anyone whom you get a doubt on. Pratap and Chakrapani overhear the new instructions from a distance. A Mughal soldier feels someone’s presence on the boundary wall. Khetu takes care of him but many more soldiers come running there. Acharya says we will have to fight with them first and then only will we be able to enter inside. Pratap will be inside by then.

Soldiers check Chakrapani’s cart. Pratap is hiding underneath the cart. While checking the items in the cart, Pratap gets a peek of Mewar’s royal message. He wonders how it came here.

DB comes to talk to US. Is everything alright? He says so far it is all good. She hopes that Pratap has got the message by now. US too is waiting for Pratap only.

Pratap tries to get hold of the message but in vain. Soldiers clear the way for the cart. Pratap drops the letter by mistake. One of the soldiers notices this. He tells Chakrapani to stop.

Acharya, Kalla and Khetu fight with the soldiers and move ahead.

Raja Jaimal yet again mocks PM when he asks him to give his land to Akbar. They both give their own logics. Raja Jaimal continues to mock PM for being unmanly.

The soldier picks up the royal message from Mewar and immediately recognizes it. Pratap too is thinking about the same. Who would have brought it; why is it in this cart and for whom? The Mughal soldier reads the message. He next questions Chakrapani about it. Chakrapani lies to him that there was a Rajput in his cart. He disappeared when we noticed a few Mughal soldiers on our way. It might belong to him. Soldier lets him go. He decides to give it to PM asap. Pratap hears this. The same soldier gets the main doors of Medta closed. Kill whoever tries to come inside now.

Raja Jaimal challenges PM to kill him. I am still proud of this death. I dint give up in front of your greedy Akbar. I dint accept to become a slave like you. I have lived and will die like a free Raja. I am pained that I will die by the hands of a coward like you. PM laughs at him. Raja Jaimal hits him with his head and PM falls at a distance. His soldiers rush to his side in concern. The very same soldier gives him the Royal Message from Mewar. PM laughs victoriously.

One of the soldier notice Pratap as he gets out from under the cart.

The soldier adds that this royal message is for Pratap. This means he is here. It is Raja Jaimal’s turn to laugh now. See PM, your death is here.

Soldiers cluster around Pratap and Chakrapani.

Precap: US is about to eat when he gets to know that one of Akbar’s commander has attacked on one of Mewar’s village. The villagers are being manhandled. Pratap and his fellowmen reach the place where PM and Raja Jaimal are.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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