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Pratap is shocked to know that Akbar can stoop to this level. He kidnapped my jija’s sister! JB reasons that evil is prevalent in the society since long and more easily. It is important to curb them asap or they will keep expanding. There is no question of my agreement here as you have promised your sister that you will protect her. He is only concerned for his father. He wont be happy with my decisions. I only hope our relations don’t go sour. She says this is a dharma yudh. He has to take a call if he keeps his son locked inside the palace or let him go out and fight. Don’t get into this. It isn’t your fight. Those who spend time doing it for others and waste time in it can neither fight his own dharma yudh nor win! She does his aarti. He seeks her blessings.

I hope to successful in whatever I decide. He leaves. JB prays for his safety.

Amar is running in the corridor. Raimal stops him. Amar wants to find out where his father is going. Raimal shares that your father is going to fight with Akbar. Amar too wants to go with him. Raimal pushes him for it. You are grown up and can fight excellently.

Pratap finds Amar waiting for him. You cannot come with me in this mission. It might get dangerous. Ajabde says I will take care of him. Pratap realises that she is coming along too. It is your joint plan to stay with me. You both have left no option for me. Ajabde and Amar share a hug as Pratap heads to his father’s room.

Rani Durgawati addresses her courtiers. She gives a free chance to everyone to decide whether they want to be a part of it or not. It is a risky mission. She receives a message from Pratap. My sister has become the symbol of dignity of entire Rajputana.

US cannot understand why Pratap is overlooking his words. DB reasons that Durgawati is his sister after all. US knows that there is danger for him in this situation. It will put Akbar directly against him. A soldier announces about Pratap’s arrival. US tells DB to tell Pratap that he is taking rest. DB tells the same to Pratap. Pratap simply touches his father’s feet to obtain his blessings. US opens his eyes as soon as Pratap goes from there. He tells DB to do Pratap’s tilak and aarti. She leaves.

Acharya has selected a small troop of soldiers who will be accompanying them. It would have been great if your commander was here too. Pratap says I should have realised that he always does what he believes in. Acharya too had the same person in mind – Shakti Singh. Pratap is a little sad as his brother still makes his own decision. He next tells Doda ji and Chakrapani to stay back here to look after their palace and father. This is the reason why he hasn’t replied to any of my letters till date. Chakrapani is surprised to see Ajabde and Amar joining Pratap them. Acharya is glad as his family is following his footsteps. Pratap thinks of Shakti. He dint accept my proposal yet. Amar gets to know about his Kaka. Why doesn’t he stay with us? DB does Pratap’s aarti. Raimal and Jagmal have been waiting for this time only. It is time to send a letter to Akbar!

Raimal narrates Jagmal what to write. Pratap has left for Gondwana. Your plan succeeded. Hope you enjoy your prey in Gondwana. Jagmal wants to write a letter in better writing. Raimal says Akbar cannot read or write. He is illiterate. Jagmal is impressed as such a prominent personality of history doesn’t know how to read or write. I should have been with him. DB asks for the letter. Raimal tries to declines but DB still takes it from him. Jagmal calls it an insult to his uncle. I will jump off from the balcony if you don’t return that letter right away. She gives it back to Raimal. Jagmal gets off from the balcony. He too tells her not to insult his uncle from now onwards. Raimal smiles as he looks at his nephew. I have just realised how much your mother still loves you. this love only will turn my sister back into who she was. I will see till when she pretends to be all good. Blind love for kid can anytime be used against anyone!

Pratap reaches the place where Rani Kamlawati has been kept hostage. She is very happy to see her Dada bhai coming for her. He says how can I sit quietly if someone tries to attack on our family’s dignity? Right then a lot many Mughal soldiers surround him. Pratap has come prepared to fight them but Akbar’s presence surprises him a little. You fulfilled my wish by coming before me. Fight with me. Akbar is in no mood to fight with him. Cut off his head! Rani Kamlawati screams. US wakes up with a start. DB gives him water. US is very mush worried for Pratap. I have a feeling that he will have to pay a heavy price for his decision.

The diya in JB’s room starts wavering. She prays for Pratap’s safety.

Precap: Pratap and Acharya witness a kind of competition wherein the guy has blindfolded his eyes yet he catches hold of the arrow in time before it can hit him. Pratap is sure it can be no one else but his brother Shakti!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. It was so stupid ending of Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane. The Director thinks public will not notice. The director is asleep but public is not. They did not discuss Manav’s Affair. They got Kapoor in Jail, Ram is successful but Manav was cheating on his wife…he was never exposed….seriously what a dumb director…

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