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DB is teary eyed. I wont let you go anywhere Rana ji. US says I will become history soon. My presence in this family and my role in Mewar will become history. I have mixed emotions when I think about it. I was at times your proud and at times I failed you. She talks positively about him. Your decision on the successor will make the present and future strong. You freed me from all the tensions. US says I haven’t made up any decision yet. DB thinks that her point has been made. We all know that Pratap is your successor. US asks her to make preps for Rajya-abhishek. I will announce Pratap as my successor tomorrow itself. She has already written an official letter for the same. Just sign it. He nods. JB, Ajabde and Phool come there. DB excuses herself.

JB sits down next to US.

He says I had to lie down on the death bed to call you here. She reasons that their relation is of souls. It will last till many more births. US says he will wait for her in the next birth. He asks Ajabde and Phool to take care of the palace and Pratap. He is a very sensitive person. He did not even come to meet me as he wont be able to see me thus. I will do the Rajya-abhishek of my successor tomorrow. Don’t you think it is time? She replies that everyone will accept a king’s decision as it is always the last decision. He feels lucky as she has always understood him.

Pratap is in the room where the photos of his ancestors are. He is pained to think of his father’s condition. He looks at his father’s photo. Ajabde comes there. Your father will always be with you just like these ancestors. They keep blessing us always. He wishes that he could have spent some more time with his father. I wish I could do something to lessen his pain. She says you did whatever you do. Take out this guilt from your heart. Meet father. See him when you calm down. Pratap refuses. I wont be able to see him in pain. I don’t want to lose him. He is in tears.

US writes a letter pointing out who will get what when he is no more. He calls for Chundavat ji. You and your family have been with us since ages. I trust you that you will keep this letter safely with you. You will share it at the right time. Chundavat ji assures him of the same. DB looks at the letter. She goes out as she understands that US wants to talk to Chundavat ji alone. US had given something to Chundavat ji’s father to keep it safe. Bring it here. I want to give it to Pratap. Chundavat ji leaves.

Vaid ji’s words echo in Pratap’s head. A soldier comes running to him. He takes Rana ji’s name. Pratap runs towards his father’s room at once. US is no more. Pratap is shattered. Tears roll down his cheeks as the past memories with his father flash before his eyes. The palace echoes with his scream.

Everyone in the palace breaks down in tears. JB, DB take off their jewellery. All the men take their turbans down.

Everyone has gathered in the courtroom. Jagmal pretends to cry for his father. Chundavat ji gets on stage. Raimal is irked with him for calling everyone here at such a critical moment. Chundavat ji apologises to him. But it becomes all the more important to value the traditions. The king too had the same idea in his mind. The successor takes the throne after the last rites. DB tells him to go ahead. Acharya too advises Pratap to keep his emotions in check. You have to be ready to live up to all the duties that you have to do as a son, as a Kunwar, as Rana ji’s successor. Chundavat ji starts reading the letter. He stops in shock when he reads Jagmal’s name in the letter as the successor instead of Pratap. Everyone is taken aback.

Precap: Pratap confronts Jagmal. I thought that one day our love will change you for good but I was wrong. Your actions only justify this fact! Jagmal banishes him from Mewar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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