Maharana Pratap 1st October 2013 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 1st October 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 1st October 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Jalalluddin Muhammad marching into Delhi with his huge army and the announcement of the Darban of his arrival in the Darbar.

He walks towards the throne and the maulvis standing there proclaim him to be the Shenshah of the Mughal Empire and welcome him to the throne. On the other hand Pratap is shown making preparations for his meal. He is kneading the hard dough and trying to make it smooth. Oh the contrast in both, the way the fate has acted upon 2 of the most brave and powerful enemies of that era. One who became Emperor due to his father’s untimely death and the other by his own sheer will and merit.

Rani Jayvantabai is sitting still in her chambers and suddenly screams for Pratap, all come running towards her and tell her Pratap is no longer

here and Sajjabai asks her as to how did she agree to send Pratap away and did not protest against the decision.

She says she knows that all this is done by Rani Dheerbaiji as the whole palace is talking about the same. Jayvantabai walks away silently from there.

On the other hand Udai Singh is discussing the distance between Delhi and Mewar and how in between there are smaller kingdoms which are enemies and friends as well. At the same time a soldier comes and informs that Dheerbaiji wants to have an audience with him , and Raavatji looks on , Udai Singh asks him whether he also believes that he sent away Pratap because of dheerbaji , but Ravatji says that he only knows that Pratap is not in the palace and was not crowned as the future king and walks away.

Dheerbaiji enters and says it makes no difference to her with what people say , more important is Ranaji and she can do anything for him. She has come to say that jija has not eaten anything and that Ranaji should go and talk to her. Ranaji hugs her and says that she is a wonderful woman with a caring and loving heart and hugs her. And we see the wicked smile of Dheerbaiji. Ranaji goes to Jayvantabai and speaks rudely to her and tells her to eat and not humiliate him further, to which Jayvantabai reluctantly agrees.
Pratap goes to the jungle to get more wood as his wood is wet and can not be used. He senses someone’s presence there but can not see anyone. Comes back and starts his cooking , when his friend Chakrapani comes and invites him home . Pratap is excited to go but suddenly remembers his Daarjiraj words and refuses to go.
Maham Anga comes to Jalal who is very happy with the riches left by his father for him, and Maham gives him one letter from his father. Jalal regrets that he never listened to his father and learnt to read and write. Maham reads it for him where Humayun has mentioned that his only dream is to rule over the entire Hindustan and this will only be possible if Rajputana is defeated and conquered.
Jalal vows to fulfil this dream and Mahm is happy with this.

Precap : Chakrapani comes there and sees a lot of crowd outside Pratap house and sees that he is feeding someone.

Update Credit to: amimus

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