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Maharana Pratap 1st June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Another cannon ball is shot. Everyone at the palace is disturbed. Pratap assures Ajabde that everything is fine. I am here. He pats her head so she can sleep.

Kalla gets hurt with a broken lamp piece. It had fallen because of the cannon shot. He is angry at Mughals for shooting cannons at this hour. Even the wild animals sleep at this hour. Rawat ji’s wife coughs and somehow closes the window of her room. Rawat ji looks tensed too. Raja Jaimal and his wife too discuss the same issue. Everything is dirty. Till when will this continue? Kalla is infuriated with another shot. Dodhiya ji comes to check on him. They are angry with the Mughals. Kalla wonders till when they will sit quietly

US and Acharya notices Amar’s horse but he is not there. Where would he be? US tells Acharya that

he has noticed it that Amar is lost in some thoughts these days. US and Acharya notice come movement near the tree. They intentionally decide to go to the other side. Amar falls because his grip on the branch had loosened. US and Acharya rush to him. What were you doing here? Amar replies that he was just keeping watch. US smiles. Our soldiers are good for this task. Let us go to your tent. Your grandmother is very worried for you. Amar mentally apologizes to him for his lie. I will try again tomorrow morning. They reach DB’s tent. She gets tensed hearing that he fell from a tree. Amar doesn’t want a Vaid but DB insists. Amar requests her to narrate some stories tonight before falling asleep. She agrees. US is sure something is going on in Amar’s mind. I will find out the truth.

Hussain Ali is looking for US and his family.

At night, DB begins to tell Rana Sanga’s story to Amar but he wants to know about the location where they are heading to. He finally figures out where he has to head to the next time he tries to flee.

Pratap addresses his courtesans. It is true that we cannot sit quietly but we cannot do anything in haste. Truth is, our enemy’s army is way bigger than us. We will attack if we find even a slight opportunity. Raja Jaimal wonders what will be their strategy in that case then. I am sure that coward has made up his mind of doing something serious through his games. Pratap requests him and everyone to wait for a little while. Kalla is impatient. That Mughal is instigating us. He is attacking on our dignity, our respect, Rajputana. We should attack. Pratap questions him if they should risk the lives of 30k citizens who are present in the fort or if they should let the women do Jauhar again. We can die for our motherland but we wont get into any useless fight with that Mughal to win over him.

Rawat ji’s wife is coughing badly because of all the dirt. All the ladies are with him. She asks Ajabde why she came back to the palace. You could have been safe if you were with Rana ji. Ajabde asks her the same questions. Rawat ji’s wife reasons that she cannot leave her husband alone in such a situation. Ajabde too wants to become her husband’s support.

Pratap says it is our testing times. No one has slept overnight. That MUghal has snatched our piece yet we cannot do anything in haste. A realw arrior never considers his enemy weak. That Mughal has a big army yet he hasn’t attacked the fort as he knows our strength. I am just waiting for his one mistake. I wont spare him then. Rajputs cannot sit back quietly.

Ajabde says I am away from my son and I can give my life for my husband too. Just like his every breath is dedicated to his motherland, similarly my every breath is dedicated to him. I have promised him that we will live and die together. How can I not live up to my promise?

Pratap talks baout the citizens supporting them. They aren’t doing so so we hand over them to death. That Mughal is testing us. He will give up soon. He has stopped shooting cannons so don’t worry!

Akbar comes out of his tent. All the soldiers have fallen asleep. He angrily asks them why the cannons are not being shot. He shoots another cannon himself. Everyone is taken aback at the fort. Pratap tries hard to calm everyone. We have to make sure no Mughal comoes in our territory. We have to kill them in case they do so. Kalla respects his strategy but our enemy has advanced now. He is almost near the fort. The day wont be far when he will be at our gates! Kalla walks off.

DB checks to make sure Amar is asleep before she goes out of the tent. Amar is awake though.

Akbar is sure that these attacks will surely have a desired effect on the Rajputs. We will break their confidence, we will shake them mentally. We will be happy when the cannons will break the walls of the fort. His commander reasons that this is unfortunate. We cannot take the cannon any further or we will come in their range. Akbar too knows it. But think how the cannons can reach the fort! He tells his soldiers to bring a model of Chittor fort. He shows his commanders where they are exactly right now. The cannons will surely hit the palace if we make a mountain of sand. That ways, neither can their arrows reach us nor can they save their fort. The commanders are impressed by his plan. Akbar orders his army to make a mountain of sand asap. The commander suggests getting more labours to get this done or their soldiers will get tired. Akbar tells them to bring the labours from anywhere, pay them double if you have to but get it done. They nod and leave to search for the labourers. Akbar is sure he will win over the fort this time. The entire Chittor will bend down before me if HUssain Ali brings US and his wives back with him. No one can stop me from becoming the Shehanshah then!

Precap: Akbar meets that old man. He says something to Akbar in mute. Pratap finds Ajabde looking at some clothes emotionally. Akbar tells his commanders that he has etched out the plan of Pratap’s defeat. He will surely lose now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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