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Pratap holds them off with his shield while Akbar watches this from a distance. Pratap kills them all in one round stroke. They all fall on their backs dead. Akbar is shocked to see this. Pratap challenges him to fight with him. Jalim Singh interrupts him. You were about to get married but see what has happened now. Akbar gets up to attack him from behind but Jalim Singh distracts him and they both head off to another corner while sword fighting.

Someone pats at Akbar’s shoulder. Akbar is about to fight him on instinct but stops on seeing Bairam Khan. Bairam Khan has come to take him with him. I cannot let you get more hurt in this fight where we are actually not taking part. Akbar is adamant. I have to even it out with Pratap. Bairam Khan is against it as it is very dangerous. You have to

rule on all those lands which you have acquired. Plus you have to fulfil your dad’s dreams. Akbar finally agrees to go with him.

Dheerbai laments over her destiny. whenever things are going good then a problem occurs. We are fighting with Marwar and Pratap is the Senapati of this war. There are full chances that Pratap can die but I cannot be even happy about it because of Veerbai. I will have to think of something big to charm Rana ji. She is shocked to see Veerbai in her room. Veerbai is feeling uneasy thinking about the war. Dheerbai blames her for it. If you have come here for sympathy then you have come at the wrong door. She tells her to go out.

Jalim Singh continues to fight with Pratap. He is sure the war would be over soon as he can see Ram Singh ji behind Pratap. He tells him to attack on Pratap who in turn attacks him without noticing as to who it is. Pratap leaves his sword and rushes to him. Jalim Singh tells him that Ram Singh ji had come to save him and he killed him only. Pratap shakes his head in disagreement. Ram Singh tells him that they had not given shelter to Mughals. We had not told them the way to reach here. Pratap recalls what that Mughal Senapati had told him. This means that it was all Akbar’s ploy. He wanted Mewar and Marwar to fight with each other. Some soldiers come and pick Ram Singh Ji.

Jalim Singh tells Maldev ji and Uday Singh about Pratap killing Ram Singh ji. Maldev orders his soldiers to catch hold of Pratap. Pratap only shields himself from the attacks and doesn’t fight back. He cannot help but recall how he had slit Ram Singh ji’s throat and is in tears.

Pratap imagines himself to be fighting with the old Pratap. He kills all his other selves and looks at them in shock / wonder. He looks at the soldiers and realises that he cannot fight with his own people. He can see himself in every single soldier around him. his inner self questions him on his teachings. Your Guru had told you that you will have to fight with your dear ones. Your hands must not shake. Someone hurts him on the hand and his dream ends.

It is Guru Raghvendra. He attacks and Pratap ducks but then Pratap drops his sword which leaves Raghvendra wondering. Ram Singh ji’s words continue to echo in Pratap’s mind. Pratap tells his Guru that Akbar planned it all. He has created this situation where we are fighting amongst ourselves. I cannot fight with my own people.

Many soldiers are about to attack Pratap but Raghvendra stops them from attacking Pratap. He is weapon less and we don’t fight under that circumstance. Everyone (both the kings, rawat ji) notice this. Maldev asks Pratap if it is some kind of a joke. Rawat ji and Uday Singh tell Pratap to pick up his sword. These are our enemies. Pratap doesn’t agree with them. I can only see my own people here. We aren’t fighting with enemies but ourselves. He tells them all to stop. We wont get anything through this. We should fight against that treacherous Mughal who wants to snatch our land / Rajputana from us. He touches mother earth. She is bathing in the blood of her own kids today. if we will continue to fight amongst ourselves then someone else will continue to take advantage of this. That Mughal is taking advantage today and tomorrow it will be someone else. Stop this war. Raghvendra tells him that they cannot stop now. You will have to fight this out. It is your dharma. Pratap seeks apology for he cannot call this Dharma. He tells his soldiers to drop their weapons and stop this war. Uday Singh questions him on his actions. Pratap tells him that he is doing his duty of a Senapati by showing them the right way. I cannot accept this as dharma where we are reducing our own army of soldiers by making them hurt their own people. I wont pick any weapon in this war now. Everyone stops in their tracks shocked at what they hear. Uday Singh too wants the Rajputana to unite. I was against it from the beginning. A right decision stays right even after it is taken later on. He turns to Maldev ji. I too don’t want to fight this war where we are killing our own people. I too don’t want to be a part of this war. The war stops. Uday Singh, Rawat ji and all the Mewar soldiers drop their swords.

Maldev isn’t affected with Pratap’s antics. Fight or I will attack you. Uday Singh tells him to understand as to what is Pratap saying. He is right and try to understand the same. Maldev says you should have thought about this before you cheated me. he is after Pratap yet again. Pratap tells him to kill him if that will please him. every person there looks on in shock as Pratap refuses to pick sword again. Rawat ji offers to interrupt but Uday Singh tells him off. Maldev is losing his patience but Pratap stays put. Maldev is about to hurt him but stops as Pratap is weapon less. I am a real Rajput who cannot fight like this. Don’t think that I have been influenced by your words. It is your dad who has cheated me. punishment will be borne by the whole Mewar. It is evening so the war has to be stopped for the day. Maldev is clearly set on fighting tomorrow as well. I will always remember that you (Pratap) have slit my son’s throat which has risked his life. Pratap stands there with his head bowed down.

Precap: Akbar is sure Maldev will take revenge from Pratap for he has hurt his son. Rawat ji tells Uday Singh that through my spies I have come to know that Pratap has gone to Maldev ji’s pavilion all by himself. Maldev calls Pratap a coward in disguise. Catch hold of him. Rawat ji tells the same to Uday Singh who tells him that they will attack on Marwar’s pavilion right away.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    I am glad you wrote this episode. Your English is very good and it makes complete sense what you are writing about. Tushar’s English is so poor that it made no sense at all what he was trying to say.

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