Maharana Pratap 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 1st July 2013 Written Update

Sorry, I missed few starting scenes ..

The battle begins in earnest between Rana Udai Singh and Shams Khan, Shams Khan is toying with Rana Udai as if a kitten toys with Mouse !!.. Rana Udai gets injured in the battle as Shams gloats ..


The Ladies are mentally ready for Jauhar and Rani Javanta issues the final command , commanding them to prepare for the final journey !! The women solemnly begins their preparations …

Javanta Bai gets a little worried when the lamp she is holding representing her Husband Rana Udai’s life flickers , but she remains steady in her determination to go with Jauhar..

Afghan Battalion enter the fortress and makes way for the area where the ladies are congregated.. The Afghan soldiers are warned by the Women guards but

the Afghan guards laugh contemptuously at their threat and attack the Woman security guards .. The women fight with valour..


The soldiers aligned with Pratap , form a human pyramid, Pratap is preparing to climb.. Bahadur who has been watching this effort with pride is stabbed from the back by Inayat Khan, The General of Shams Khan !! Pratap flinches for a second but he is urged to proceed by a wounded but standing Bahadur… Pratap carries on while Bahadur fights for his life against Inayat Khan!!


The Afghan Guard kills all the women sentries , enters the jauhar chambers .. He begins to misbehave with the assembled ladies, The second queen bravely orders the Afghani Soldier to leave the area and orders him not to misbehave , His attention is drawn to her and he begins to advance towards her with lecherous intention.. Angered and in desperation to save herself, she throws chilli powder into the eyes of the advancing Guard . The Guard pulls out his sword, begins to wave it blindly almost killing Rani Javanta, he is stopped in nick of time by secnd Rani who thrust a sword into the abdomen of the Guard , thereby killing him.. The queen is stunned by her action , breaks down when she realizes that she has taken a human life … Javanta calls out to the servants to provide a decent burial to the muslims..


A soldier who was reprieved by Rana Bahadur rushes to Shams Khan and informs him that Inayat Khan has been killed in the battle..Shams Khan suffers a jolt but he does not lose courage.. he begins to duel Rana Udai Singh… Injuring him …

While the flag of Afghan’s fly high on the fort.. Pratap is seen climbing ..


The messenger lady comes in and informs that the Army of Mewar is suffering heavy reverses , almost all the soldiers are either tiring or have embraced death , while King is fighting all alone against a group of Shams Khan’s soldiers ..

Javanta is stunned, She worriedly enquires about Pratap and is told tht there is no news from that place ..


Pratap and his regiment has made it to the top , Bahadur entrusts the Mewar Flag to Pratap and gives him the responsibility of hoisting it ..Pratap vows that neither the flag nor his head will ever bow to foreign forces.

Precap: Rana Udai and Shamskhan engage in mortal combat , Rana Udai is grievously injured and falls to the ground while Shams Khan gives a triumphant laugh ! Pratap is seen riding a horse while Chandravats who has witnessed the fall of Rana Udai, sends the message that “Jauhar hokke rahega “

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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