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Doda ji asks Vaid ji to let it be. The wound will heal up on its own. Vaid ji tells Pratap that the wound will aggravate if it isn’t taken care of. Pratap denies. They all need rest. Everyone here knows that I force people to rest if they don’t listen to Vaid ji. Doda ji agrees to get treated. Pratap talks to Doda ji. I understand what you are going through. Why don’t you think about future? We say we want freedom, happiness all around us. Any foreigner or traitor should not step foot on our motherland. Freedom is when we cannot see any pain around us. There should be peace, love and harmony all around us. This is still a dream. It is a possibility of that dream for which we are ready to sacrifice anything. This thought will help make us India’s future. They all say Jai Ekling

ji in unison.

Phool, CK and Maan help the citizens evacuate Udaipur. The ladies don’t want to leave them alone. We want to be with you and fight. Phool reasons that it will go against Rana ji’s orders. The ladies send their kids instead with the soldiers. We are making the future secure. We cannot let you fight alone. A daasi comes to give them an important update. There is rumour around the town. Rana ji has lost the Haldi Ghaati war. Everyone is taken aback. DB adds that she came to know no commander is alive. Everyone should leave for the jungle. Amar denies. we will stay here and fight till our last breath. All these rumours are false. I can never believe it that my father lost! He doesn’t know how to lose. These are all rumours. We should make preps to safeguard our fort. Phool supports him. All the other ladies join them.

Maan Singh comes to the tent. He talks to Akbar. Why did you change your strategies during the war when you left the entire responsibility of this war on me? I had promised you I will win. You broke my trust. Why? Pratap’s taunts and words have hurt me more than the arrows today. Akbad advices him not to pay heed to what enemies say. Such talks don’t suit Pratap. He killed your father mercilessly. Maan Singh is shocked. Akbar says he was heading towards the war area when it happened. His dead body was left in the jungle to rot. Maan Singh refuses to believe it. Akbar shows him a ring. This is how we identified your father’s body. Flashback shows Akbar cutting Bhagwan Das’s hand. He instigates Maan Singh against Pratap. This isn’t the time to cry but to kill your enemy. He leaves. Maan shouts Pratap!

Vaid ji shares that Chetak needs to rest. I am trying to give him medicine but he isn’t taking it. Pratap knows Chetak wont rest till he does. Soldier reasons that someone might try to attack again on his open wound. Pratap has a solution.

Akbar asks Faizal to go to war tomorrow with Maan Singh. Pratap will lose his cool when he will see you. He will get busy in taking revenge for his wife’s death. His attention will be diverted for his while. Maan Singh can kill his remaining army in that time.

Pratap puts elephant armour around Chetak’s face. Mughals hid in that giant elephant to attack Ajabde. I thought to use this so your wounds can be hidden. I will not spare that Mughal. I will punish him in such a way that his soul will shake to the core.

A Rajput soldier is heading somewhere when he is attacked. Raimal and Jagmal got him killed. He was the messenger heading towards Udaipur palace. Jagmal had wanted all the messengers to be killed.

CK wonders why no messenger came today. Maan reasons that there is someone who is making sure no messenger reaches us. Phool points out that maybe the Mughal army is planning to attack us.

Jagmal has spread the rumours around Udaipur. There must be no one around at the moment in Udaipur. We will attack tomorrow morning only. Raimal dreams that he will sit on the throne will afternoon.

A daasi tells Phool that she was working in the kitchen. I saw some Mughal soldiers sitting outside. They get tensed. Phool says we were right then. we should send this message to Chakrapani. We should get ready to face them asap. She and Amar instruct the daasi what to do. Daasi leaves to inform Chakrapani. AMar wants to alert all the remaining soldiers there. Phool wants him to be with them. He assures her there is nothing to worry till he is there. I wont let Mughals take Udaipur till father is back. Phool nods. I know no one can harm Udaipur till you are here.

A soldier succumbs to his wounds before Pratap and all the men. Acharya says victory is the biggest
If we are able to hold the meaning of their sacrifice then we will win. Pratap calls it a suicide attempt. Most of the soldiers are tired and need rest. Every soldier gets up. We don’t need rest. We are ready to fight. Pratap gets up determined. Get ready for a big and final war then! Tomorrow will be the last day of our fight!

Maan Singh says Pratap wont live after tomorrow. He will have to bear the brunt of what he has done. He plans his attack for tomorrow. Faizal Khan overhears them.

Pratap says we will either kill MUghals tomorrow or die.

Precap: Mughals try to enter inside the Udaipur fort. Pratap tells Maan Singh that motherland is no less than mother for him. we wont leave anyone who tries to harm our mother. Faizal Khan is also there.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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