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Maharana Pratap 1st April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap is looking at the map. I wonder whether I will be able to unite the entire Rajputana to make it ready to fight for our India. Ajabde has full faith in him. my husband is the biggest warrior in today’s date. He will surely achieve whatever he decides to do. What are you worried about? He thinks of Akbar. He is attacking us like a mad elephant. She points out that he does not need to worry then as he too knows what happens to the mad elephant in the end.

Rukaiyya tells Akbar that he will be destroyed. I know I have no right to speak in between your political matters but you cannot do this to BK. Akbar has not at all forgotten what all BK has done for him, but its his mistake now. He has committed a crime as he thinks he is stronger than me. he has dared to (indirectly) fight with Mughal

Shehanshah. He will have to bear the consequences. His position, status in the Empire is because of me only. He is there because of me. I am above every other power of the world. How dare he put his hand on something that is mine (Salima)! I will destroy all those people who will dare to go against me! Rukaiyya understands the situation now. It isn’t related to some political matter or about BK, neither about your most trusted servant’s killing. It is about your special something – Salima. He warns her to be careful while talking.

The baby kicks Ajabde. She tells Pratap that his son too is like him. His blood boils whenever he hears about those Mughals.

Akbar is glad that Rukaiyya has understood everything. Don’t dare to ask me anything on this matter from henceforth. Come in the court tomorrow and see for yourself what I do with people who underestimate me.

Next morning, BK is summoned in the court. BK gets emotional for a second as he imagines the little Akbar in front of him. BK calls him Jalal but Akbar corrects him. Don’t forget it that you are standing in my royal court Khan Baba. BK points out at what he called him just now. I can still see the same values in you that I had taught you Jalal. We could have sorted our misunderstandings in private if there were any. What was the need to bring it up in the court in front of everyone? He calls him Jalal again but this time Akbar angrily gets up and calls him by his name. Don’t test my patience anymore. Don’t forget that you are standing here in my court as a criminal. A guy reads all the charges against BK on Akbar’s orders. BK hears the little Jalal calling out for his Khan Baba lovingly. His happy moments end as soon as he notices the (adult) Jalal in front of him. BK cannot believe it that Akbar really thinks that he tried to kill him. you think I want to sit in your place at that royal throne? You are my kid Jalal. Akbar repeats his name. I am not your kid. I accept everything that you had once done for me. I know it all but right now I am here as Shehanshah-e-Hind. I want you to speak up in your behalf. BK points out that he is the one who got him that royal throne. I have built this entire Mughal Empire with my blood and sweat. I could have killed you 10 years ago itself if I had wanted to. You were a little kid back then. Mahamanga is irked with her logics. She mistakenly drops something and the noise distracts BK and everyone.

BK tells Akbar that he is sure someone is intentionally filling his ears against him. I am 100% sure about it. Akbar tells BK to be quiet. You have misused my patience and soft heart a lot. It is time for justice. All the evidences point out that you are guilty of all the charges levied on you. You are not that same dedicated BK anymore. I give you three options seeing all your past contributions towards the Mughal Empire. One, go to Bengal and take charge as the Subedar. Two, accept the post of counsellor in the court Or else leave for Haj. BK is shocked. He recalls the time when BK had made little Jalal sit on the throne for the first time. Jalal holds Khan Baba’s hand as he feels scared. Will you be always with me? BK nods.

BK calls Akbar a thankless man. This angers Akbar. He calls him by his name. BK refuses to live in Agra. I will leave for Haj. I leave you and your empire now. He notices Salima and Mahamanga signalling to each other. He realises the entire game and how Salima has been instigating him against Akbar all along. He drops on his knees on the floor. Salima’s words echo all around him.

BK enters a room. He finds Salima crying in front of a dead body covered with white cloth. He begins to walk towards her but Mahamanga comes and stands next to her. Right then, Akbar too comes there. His face is smeared with tears and he is holding rose petals in his hands. He offers them to the dead body. BK looks on in confusion. Why are you crying? Whose dead body is it? Akbar and Salima join hands. BK removes the sheet from that dead body and is shocked to see his own dead body lying in front of him.

BK sends a message for Pratap.

Pratap receives BK’s message in the court. Pratap reads the message in front of everyone. I tried to defeat you all my life but was never successful. I accept it as my biggest failure. I was more proud of my every defeat (that I got from you) more than all the other victories in my life so far. I am writing you this letter on the basis on this realisation only. Pratap can visualise him and feel the genuine feelings behind his words. BK accepts it that Pratap is the only person in his life whom he respects from the core of his heart. You are the only one who will never overlook his values even if he is death is standing in front of him. Agreed that I have lost to you a lot many times but I am alive today because of your values and humane feelings. You are a great human being and a very great warrior who never compromises on his values. I got everything in my life whatever a soldier was supposed to gain. But the situation is such today that my own people are after my life. If you feel that I too have a right to live then please do whatever you feel is right, and do it fast. US cannot understand why BK is worried about his death when Akbar has allowed him to go to Haj. Pratap knows that Mahamanga wont let BK leave her prey like that.

Mahamanga tells Akbar that it isn’t good when your friend becomes your enemy. Now when he is not with you, what does it matter whether he is alive or not? That ways both the pain and the danger will be out of your life. He is worried about what will people think but she points out that no one will find out anything.

US does not want to make any deal with BK. He has always been against Mewar. Rawat ji and everyone else too support him. Pratap instead tells the messenger that he will save BK from that Mughal for sure.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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    1. Yes initially…till mahamanga ruled his mind….he was lyk dat becoz he was made to think all wrong….but after he fell in love wid his hindu begum nd mahamanga lost control over him he became one of d greatest rulers nd did even find a soft heart beating inside him…

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