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Maan Singh talks to Shakti. Pratap trusts anyone who agrees with him on everything. Those who dare to give their opinions, like you, are banished. Shakti aims his sword at him. no one can throw me out. Maan Singh continues to instigate him against his brother. He dint stop you. He stood with CHandrasen. He has clearly chosen what he will support. You should think of saving Mewar. Support us and other rajput brothers like me. Akbar has thought of a dangerous cnsequene for Pratap and his men. Join hands with us.

Ajabde sends Amar to his Choti Ma’s room with laddoos. Someone brought them from Bikaner. She notices Ajabde standing behind the corridor. She recognizes it that the laddoos have been made by Ajabde. She notices the sketch that Phool was making. Phool thinks of last night. She tries

to diver it. Amar loves his sketch. Ajabde sends him out of the room. She apologizes to Phool for yesterday. I make mistakes. You are my friend. You could have made me understand. Phool tells her not to talk so formally. Ajabde assures her that nothing like that will happen ever again. You might tell your kids not to meet their Badi Rani in future. Phool gets sad. Maybe I will never have kids. Ajabde asks her to follow whatever she says from today onwards. Phool agrees. They share a hug.

Akbar is glad to know that Maan Singh has brought Shakti here. I know you want the brothers to stand against each other. Maan Singh takes all the responsibility from Shakti’s behalf. Shakti meets Akbar. Maan Singh asks Shakti to greet Shehanshah. Akbar says he has already stooped down by walking in here. Shakti remarks that he is confused who is getting hurt more here. The situation was not good for him last time when I had come here. Akbar thinks of the time when Pratap and his brother had created a lot of trouble in Agra. You have to be under me if you want to fight by my side. Shakti already knows that he already has a plus point by having Pratap’s brother on his side. Akbar is impressed. Shakti calls it the biggest award by being pitched against his brother. What are your plans? Maan Singh tells him about Haldi Ghaati war. Shakti agrees to fight from their side.

Jagmal and Raimal reach Maan Singh’s palace. Soldiers stop them. Jagmal gives his intro to them. The soldiers mock them but Maan Singh greets them both. Jagmal tells him what all he needs by his side all the time. Maan Singh smirks thinking of what they will get from him in return.

Phool serves food to Pratap. Pratap asks a soldier to bring Doda ji. The men discuss about the preps on the war. Ajabde and CK look on from a distance. CK thinks that Pratap is not even looking at Phool. She looks so beautiful. AJabde is sure he is a little occupied. He will surely notice it. A servant comes to inform Pratap about a few people arriving in the court for some work. Pratap has not even taken more than a bite. Phool asks him about food. He replies that he always like the food cooked by Ajabde. She would have understood it. CK leaves. Phool is certain that she will never get herself a place in Rana ji’s heart. You will only be there. Ajabde reasons that it is his dharma. We will make a place if it isn’t already there.

Maan Singh tells Jagmal that Akbar does not like it when someone talks in higher tone. Jagmal agrees to keep his volume in check. They meet Akbar next. Raimal gives him DB’s letter. Maan Singh reads it for him. Jagmal and Raimal are shocked to see Shakti there and so is Shakti. Maan Singh resumes reading the letter. I have sworn never to give up before Pratap. I will get my son back on the throne. Akbar announces Jagmal as Maharana-e-Mewar. He gets Jagmal a new crown. Shakti observes it all quietly.

Bhim Singh calms down a horse which is going berserk. He has the responsibility to arrange a big army that will be using horses. Pratap suggests him to use Chetak in guiding the rest of the horses. Bhim Singh points out that Chetak is a little upset. Pratap is sure Chetak will help him if they talk patiently to him. Pratap meets Chetak. Chetak keeps looking towards a corner where pregnant and wounded horses are kept.

Heer Bai throws away everything in the room. Why should I bring my son in this world? To show him how much his father loves war and hates Rajputs! Remember what Fakir Baba had said to you about a face-off with Pratap. It will become the last war of your life. Akbar tells her that he has given the responsibility to Maan Singh. She reasons that Pratap’s next mission will be he only if Maan Singh loses. I want this war between you and Pratap to end forever. I want you to become friends with him or you will never be able to see your son’s face. Don’t think that I am giving him consideration because he is a Rajput. You are my husband. I have accepted you by heart. I want you to be with my son always. I don’t want you to fight this war. He walks away. She cries.

Chetak comes to a kid. Pratap realises that Chetak has a baby. He sends a servant to call Amar Singh. Little Chetak is here.

Maan Singh tells Akbar about the special breed of horses that he has called for the war. Akbar proposes him to go to Udaipur. I want you to extend our hand of friendship to Pratap. I am compelled to take this decision. Heer Bai asks Akbar about his decision. He shares that there will be no war. I am sending Maan Singh to Mewar. Maan Singh confirms it. Akbar points out that one has to do so much for their kids. Maan Singh leaves. Akbar tells Heer Bai that she can ever write letters to her so called brother Pratap. I agreed to your terms but he might not take it positively. Maybe your letter will help. Heer Bai calls it a dream. I will do it. Akbar also wants her to send a gift. He is a tough enemy. He wont agree so easily. She thanks him with a hug.

Amar comes to the stable with Phool and Ajabde. He is very excitedly to meet the Chota Chetak. Ajabde likes the name whereas Phool is not so convinced. He remarks that his mother and father have loved the same name. Amar suggests another name – Natak. Natak is the son of father and mother. Choti Ma is also father’s wife. When will she bring a baby? Phool goes all quiet. Amar wants a small brother. Phool excuses herself. Ajabade tells Amar that he hurt Phool.

Jagmal is shocked to know about Akbar’s decision. Shakti too is surprised. Akbar doesn’t mind losing Udaipur but it will be good if we are politically connected to Mewar. No one will think of going against us if Pratap becomes our friend. I will send Maan Singh. Jagmal will support him. Jagmal instead asks him to kill him. Pratap has banished me. I cannot enter there. Akbar remarks that no one kills a messenger which brings peace. Maan Singh agrees to lead this mission. Akbar leaves the choice to Shakti to participate in the war.

Pratap comes to his room. Ajabde has started renovating the room. She sends him to a particular room where he has made preps for him to sleep. I will look after the work. He leaves asking her to come soon. Ajabde smiles.

Phool gets ready. Flashback is shown where Phool shares with Ajabde that she is not as sure of this plan as her. I don’t think he has place for anyone else in his heart. Ajabde says you aren’t wrong. You deserve all your wifely rights. Pratap is shocked to see Phool in the room. Pratap tells Phool that maybe Ajabde made a mistake. She is getting the room renovated so she sent me here to rest. He gets up to go when Phool tells her that Ajabde only has sent her here as well. He is taken aback. He cannot think of anything to talk to her. She says Ajabde has made no mistake. He walks out of the room.

Pratap storms inside his room. What are you doing? I am where I should be. She tells him that she should not be here. He tells her to stop it. I return all tired at night. If you will push me away then how will things work? She tells him that Phool too has an equal right on him. He insists that only she has a right over him. You cook food and make her give it to me. Why are you sending us to the same room? Our friendship will be ruined if you continue doing such things. She tells him clearly that Phool did not marry him only for his friendship. He makes her look at him. I don’t want to hear or understand anything. My love is my only truth for me. Whatever goes against it is poison. I ahve told you already. I am telling you again. No Phool or anyone can come between us ever. You were, are and will always be my last love in this and every birth! They share a hug. They both sit in the same position on the bed. They spend the night looking at each other.

Next morning, a servant calls out for Pratap. A special message has come for you from Mewar.

Multan Khan comes to tell Akbar that they have found a gem. He is the best carpenter. Akbar wants him to make such a gift for Pratap which can reflect Akbar’s stature. Even an enemy should become a friend just by looking at it. The carpenter agrees.

Jagmal cannot understand what Akbar is up to. You sent a proposal of friendship to our biggest enemy and now this gift? Akbar replies that Pratap is the Maharana of Mewar now. The gift should match his position. Jagmal talks about his coronation yesterday. Akbar says he is doing something because of which Jagmal can get hold of the throne of Mewar and whatever he has lost.

Acharya reads a letter in which it is written that Jagmal will stand with Maan Singh in the war. They will talk about my friendship proposal to you. Everyone is shocked to hear it that Jagmal has joined hands with Akbar.

Precap: Shakti requests Pratap to keep all the past misunderstandings at bay. Pratap applauds him for changing sides. How much did you get from that Akbar in return? Shakti shouts Dada bhai angrily.

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