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The Episode starts with Pratap fighting with Mughal soldiers. Kazi Khan says he wanted to see Pratap, and now when Pratap is infront of him, he is not able to believe. Multan Khan asks Kaxi to runa way from here, trust me, Pratap is very dangerous and merciless, I have seen him he kills enemies, our soldiers are dead, this is not time to show bravery, we will get army and fight later. Bailol Khan tells Kazi Khan that Multan is right, we shall leave. They three start leaving. Multan says he will not leave Rana Punja, Pratap has saved him today, but he will kill him just like he killed his son. They leave. Rana Punja holds his head and tries getting up.

Amar Singh talks to everyone in Udaipur palace. He tells them that arrows were shot at him, he got saved as Veer Megha came infront and

got arrows on him, then Hatim Khan started throwing fire balls on Mughals, then he made Mughals helpless to move back. Chundavat ji apologizes to Acharya ji and says we can’t sit here when Pratap is fighting alone. Chandrasen says I totally agree with him, Rana ji needs us there. Amar Singh says if I got Pratap’s permission, I would have not come back. Acharya ji agrees with their opinions, and says we will safeguard the palace and then go to help Pratap.

Pratap asks Rana Punja not to go, he will get chance to take revenge for his son’s death. Rana Punja says Mughals just know to attack on back. Pratap says we are the best, we can die for our land, and can sacrifice anything for our land, Jai Mewar.

Amar Singh sees Phool behind him and goes to her. Phool makes excuse. He recalls his angry words which has hurt Phool. He holds her hand and apologizes to her. He says I should have agreed to you, I went without asking you, Veer Megha died to save me. Phool says you went as there were everyone, Veer Megha did to do his duty, don’t feel guilty, think of his bravery to take as inspiration. He hugs her and apologizes.

He asks for food. She says come, I have made food for you. He gets dizzy and says he is feeling headache. She says you might be hungry, I will serve food. He likes the food and asks him to feed him by her hands. Phool gets teary eyed and makes him have food. Amar holds his head and starts coughing. She asks is he fine, what happened. She calls out for help. He faints and she rushes to him. She sees white foam coming out of his moth and gets worried. A man tells about leaving the rats in village, and the villagers getting ill by these rats.

Phool asks Amar to get conscious. Phool comes to know about villagers facing the same problem. She asks Ved ji to check Amar. Ved ji checks Amar. Pratap makes Rana Punja lie down and asks is he fine. Doda ji says its not good to put himself in danger. Rana Punja says I know, I felt my son Megha came to me and told me that this enemy has killed me, I got angry. Jhala ji says its true that at such time elder’s advice is not remembered. Rana Punja says you said right. Pratap says whatever happened was in our favor. Rana Punja says we have to be careful. Pratap says Mughals will return soon to hit on our back, this is the only way to reach haldi ghat, they don’t have any other way. Jhala ji says we will kill them. Rana Punja is glad seeing his patriotism. Pratap asks him to save his courage and not lose patience.

Bhagwandas talks to Akbar about sending Maan Singh. Multan Khan does not agree with Bhagwandas. Akbar stops him and says he trusts Maan Singh, but since few days, he looks like he is loyal for Mewar, I m disappointed. Bhagwandas asks him to give one chance, and promises to get his son back on mark. Akbar agrees. Kazi Khan asks Akbar how can he trust a person preaching idols, its better to kill them, and asks for one chance to kill Pratap. Akbar says no Kazi, the result is infront of you all, we have to do something else for different result, Mughals have fought a lot with Rajputs, lets see making Rajputs fight with Rajputs, maybe we will get our desired result.

Chandrasen talks to Chundavat ji and Acharya ji, and says its good thing, we were worried without reason. Chundavat ji tells Acharyi ji about epidemic in village, many have died. Acharya asks whats the reason for it. Chundavat ji says everyone is trying to know, some Ved are making medicine for it. A guard comes and tells them about Amar Singh’s illness. They all rush to see Amar Singh. Acharya ji asks Ved about Amar’s health. Ved says he is treating Amar, he is giving him accurate medicines. Phool asks Acharya ji to leave for battle ground. Acharya ji says you are asking us to go leaving Amar Singh in such state. She says Maha ved ji is coming, we are here, but Pratap will need you all there.

Chandrasen says we raised Phool by love and luxuries. Phool says yes, but I would have taken palace on head at such tough time, time changes everything, I have adjusted here in this tough time, I request you all to go, Pratap needs you. Chand asks them to go. Acharya ji says he is proud of Phool and prays Lord to always bless her. They all say Jai Mewar. Acharya ji leaves.

Maan Singh says if it looks so tough, I will not cross it. Akbar asks if we don’t cross jungle, how will we reach haldi ghati grounds. Pratap says I feel we will make Mughals lose in haldi ghati war, our Ashtvijaya will do this work. Pratap stands with his team, and says this is our Ashtvijaya( winning army of 8 members)

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