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Maharana Pratap 19th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Badshah Khan asking Ajabde to surrender to save her Maa and brother. Ajabde walks to them. She asks him to leave her family as she is ready to surrender. Badshah Khan likes her attitude saying she does not have any other option. He says no one will support her. Chetak comes to them and beats the Afghan soldiers. Badshah says what is this mad horse doing here. Ajabde fights to save her family. She kills the soldiers single handedly. She is caught. Badshah Khan is bowled over by her Jalwa.

Mansood asks her to stop fighting. Patta comes with soldiers wing. Ajabde asks him to save Maa and Balwant. Meera Maa sings and Pratap finds himself relaxed. He falls asleep hearing her melodious voice. Meera Maa says she will make him clear all doubts and go towards future and

towards Ajabde. She blesses him and is sure he will do his Rajdharma. She puts her hand on his head and disappears. Pratap wakes up and finds himself alone. Pratap looks for Meera Maa. Badshah Khan stabs Patta on his back. Chetak is roped and controlled. Patta falls on the ground.

Badshah Khan tells Patta he can’t face him being a good fighter. Ajabde asks Patta to open eyes. Badshah Khan says he is alive. He asks her to come along. She says she is Rajput and will die rather than becoming his slave. They put net on her and trap her. Badshah Khan says she will be alive till he comes to die in my camp. Ajabde is put in big cage and taken. Maa and Balwant are left. Patta opens eyes and sees Ajabde taken. Chetak breaks rope and runs out. Patta says Kunwar Pratap. Chetak hears it and comes to Patta. Patta asks Chetak to take him to Kunwar Pratap as his breath is breaking. He gets on Chetak calling him friend. Pratap thanks Meera Maa for saving him from becoming wrong. He says he has duty for his country and now he will not let personal things affect him. He takes blessings. Chetak comes with Patta lying wounded on his back.

Pratap is stunned seeing Patta wounded. Pratap asks him who did this. Patta says Afghans have attacked Bijolia and Badshah Khan has taken Jija. He asks her to save Bijolia’s respect. Patta faints. Pratap sees his blood in his hand and lies Patta in the temple. Pratap sees his wounds and runs into the jungle. He gets some leaves and applies on Patta’s wounds. He says your blood will stop flowing now and I will take you to Bijolia. He asks Shiv ji to guide him to save Patta or Ajabde. Pratap asks for help. Chetak replies. Pratao asks can he take Patta to safe place as he can’t lose him. Chetak neighs.

Pratap puts Patta on his back and asks him to run fast and take Patta to safe place. Pratap asks him to keep up his trust. Chetak runs. Pratap decides to see Afghans.

Badshah Khan tells Ajabde that he wants Pratap. Ajabde says she has invited his death as he will kill him. Pratap is shown riding horse.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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