Maharana Pratap 19th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Maharana Pratap 19th February 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 19th February 2014 Written Update

Soldier stops bahram khan and surtan singh. Manga says, you are showing your power on weapon less soldier and you lost from pratap. Manga says to surtan singh that you will not go anywhere. Surtan singh says, pratap defeat your soldier and bahram khan. Surtan singh says, you are great jalal. jalal says, shamsuddin go and capture surtan singh in a prison and if done wrong then kill him. Manga says, now you know about pratap jalal, then before you defeat pratap, first of all you will take victory on nearby states of mewar.
Pratap and akbar takes victory in their respective area. Pratap came to fort and ask to JB that why meera maa is not living with in this fort. She is with me everytime and gives blessing. JB says, i told you everything that i know now if you want to know more ask with your father.
Akbar reaches in their fort and his mother ask, why are you not happy? Jalal says, i will happy when i will take victory against pratap. Manga says, now i will show you tansen and he will make relax you by his voice.
Uday singh gives compliment to pratap. everybody gives slogan for pratap and says, ask, what you want from me. Pratap says, i have everything but i want to take an answer. why meera mata is not living with us. when she lived in this fort nobody tried to fight with us. Please tell me why she gone from there. uday singh goes from that place.
Uday singh remembers his childhood rememberings and reach at the door of meera maa but door is shut and their is no key of it then uday singh opened that gate by his sword and remembers his childhood remembering again. Pratap reaches there. Pratap says, i want to bring back to home to meera mata. Uday singh says, yes..

Precap:- pratap is gone to bring back meera mata and here jalal also gone to hear the bhajan of meera mata.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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