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US refuses to eat anything till he gets to know what has happened in the court today. he dismisses the servant. DB comes there. He guesses that nothing went well. She shares that there was a heated argument. Kings took out their swords but Pratap maintained decorum by accepting Chandrasen’s challenge. She tells him about the challenge. US feels that such hot headed people are not good leaders. She reasons that Pratap had no other alternative. US had guessed something like this only will happen. What was the main concern of other kings – planning something against Mughals or finding out who the leader of entire Rajputana will be? She shares that nothing concrete could be made out. US is sure his son only will win and break Chandrasen’s arrogance.

Chandrasen practises shooting by blindfolding

his eyes. He hits bulls eyes.

Jagmal says Chandrasen can fight and win the spear competition and shooting competition against Dada bhai but what about horse riding competition? Dada bhai has something that Chandrasen or no one else has – Chetak! He is very fast, intelligent and dedicated to his master. He understands everything that Dada bhai is thinking. He narrates some past instances where Chetak has helped Pratap and saved him / helped him fight against the enemies. Raimal hints getting Chetak out of their way. Jagmal says how will be reach him. Raimal takes Kanak Raj’s name. He is the caretaker of animals. We should meet him.

Jagmal and Raimal meet Kanak Raj. He tells them that Chetak has been kept in a separate place. He is treated no less than
Pratap personally looks after him. No one is allowed to even go near him. He is kept under tight vigilance. Raimal says Chetak can be important to Pratap but he crushed your life under these animals’ hoofs. Your pain can go away only after plotting against Chetak. Kanak Raj understands the plan.

Ajabde is disturbed about the challenge. Pratap gives his best when he fights with his enemies but I doubt his acts when he fights against someone who isn’t his enemy. I know that he will not be thinking of Chandrasen as his enemy but his ally against Akbar. JB tells her to let Pratap lose then. Not all fights are external. Some fights happen inside too. Pratap will have to fight the battles inside him and win this challenge. He knows what all is at stake here. If he loses then he will know what all he will lose. You don’t have to keep a burden on your heart. Ajabde thanks her. They notice CK running to another place. Ajabde is curious about CK.

CK comes to the room where Rai Singh is sitting. She glances at him from the window and hides when he looks towards the window. He senses her presence.

Ram Singh asks his brother if he is sure he will win. Chandrasen cannot forget the past. I got a chance to prove it before everyone that Pratap is no God. I cannot let go of this opportunity. You should think how good it will be if the kings of entire Rajputana under us? We will make use of them especially of warriors like Pratap. Ram Singh shows his belief in him.

Kalyan Singh comes to Rani Durgawati’s room. Who should we support in this competition? She says my personal emotions are other while my dedication to motherland is something else. I will support the one who is capable enough to take care of our motherland. Without doubt Pratap is the most suitable candidate for this task.

Pratap is making food ready for Chetak. Acharya advises him to practise a little more on throwing the spear. Pratap assures him that he will succeed in his mission. Acharya trusts his trust. He leaves. Pratap tells Chetak to finish his food. You dint eat properly yesterday. Raimal is keeping an eye on them. Akbar’s mission is going to complete soon and with that I will get a place in his court too.

Akbar gets lots of gifts for Heer. He asks her what she wants. I will give it to you. She only wants him to stop thinking about ruling over Rajputana and let it be. I know I cannot ask you of this. Akbar bends down to promise his son. I got a tension in virasat. You will be free from it. You will be born in a place where there will be only Mughal flag everywhere. Salima (I think that was her name) watches them from far. Heer, don’t think of yourself to be the real queen. Akbar will marry someone else tomorrow who is much more beautiful and younger than her (Heer). We will see what happens to you then.

Chakrapani says Pratap is surrounded by enemies from all the sides. How will he succeed in his mission only by winning this challenge? Acharya replies that at times people forget living in the present by thinking of the future predictions. Forget all of them. I am certain Pratap will win over all the obstacles that will come in his way and win this competition. Epi ends on Pratap and Chandrasen’s face.

Precap: Raimal adds something in Chetak’s food. One of them (Raimal or Kanak Raj) starts sneezing. Chetak starts neighing. Pratap wakes up with a start and hears him neighing. There is something for sure!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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