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Maharana Pratap 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhala ji wants to push all the Mughals a little on the backside. It will be our first victory. Doda ji tells him otherwise. That Mughal is too clever. He will soon send another troop to help his men. Pratap seconds Doda ji. That Mughal will send a new group of army after us after seeing this. Doda ji says you (Jhala ji) wouldn’t have wasted Rana ji’s time if he had paid heed to my words. Bheem Singh ji steps in between Jhala ji and Doda ji. Pratap appreciates Bheem Singh ji. Take care of their excitement.

MK wonders when another group of Mughal army will come to their rescue. Bailol Khan talks positively. They notice Ghazi Khan just then. Rana Punja and the Bheels are making special arrangements for the Mughals. A Bheel informs Pratap about the new group coming in. They are big in

number. Pratap isn’t affected. We should focus on the security front now. We will attack from two sides.

Ghazi Khan joins Bailol Khan and MK. Bailol Khan is grateful to Ghazi Khan for coming here. These Rajputs burned all of us down. Ghazi Khan also wants to attack from two sides. One should be the trees from where Pratap and his men were attacking you guys. And secondly, the mice will do the task. I hope Pratap has thought of something different for us this time.

Jhala ji and Doda ji yet again counter one another’s thoughts. Bheem Singh ji has to call one of them to him on the pretext of help. Rana Punja tells Pratap that the Mughals are heading towards them on a fast pace. Pratap orders everyone to take their positions.

The Mughal soldiers step forward. Rana Punja shoots the pouches they have hung above. Honey falls on them. MK asks everyone to continue walking. Bailol Khan is surprised how they crossed this much big area of jungle so easily. MK tells him not to underestimate Pratap. Don’t let your guard down. Rana Punja shoots the beehive. A lot many bees get attracted towards the Mughal army. A lot many Mughal soldier get busy in saving themselves from the bees. The Bheels lower the nets. The soldiers get caught in it. The BHeels kill them using spears. A lot many soldiers fall in a nearby pit. Pratap and all the men fight with the soldiers.

One of the Rajput solider stops a guy from entering inside Udaipur. Where is the black cloth around your hand which we all have tied to show our loss (of Ajabde)? The guy notices the black cloth around everyone’s hands. He pushes the soldier and runs away.

Acharya is shocked to know about the Mughal spies who have entered inside Udaipur. Acharya thanks the soldier. Catch the spy and bring him here. The soldier leaves. Acharya turns to Chundavat ji. Mughals sent spy here. They know it well that Pratap and all our men are in the war. Why did they send a spy? Chundavat ji reasons that Mughals don’t follow any rules. They got our Rani killed stealthily. They hold no value for any feelings. Acharya nods. Announce emergency in Udaipur.

MK and Bailol Khan decide to pull Rana Punja out of his hiding place. Bailol Khan advises MK to step forward. Punja will come out as soon as he sees you. He is Pratap’s biggest strength. MK walks ahead. Rana Punja thinks of his son’s death by MK’s hands. Pratap is boggled to see MK out in the open so easily. He tries to stop Rana Punja but in vain. MK challenges him to come. I will enjoy killing you just like I killed your son. The Mughal soldiers surround Rana Punja. Rana Punja understands their plan. He calls out for Pratap. Don’t come out from your place. I will handle these Mughals alone.

Acharya wants all the ladies to go to a safe place. Maan fears death but Phool refuses to leave the palace. We all will stay here only. Your first duty is to protect the citizens. Instead of saving us, save the citizens. Rana ji and our brave soldiers are fighting for the same reason. we too will support them this way. They don’t want the Mughals to get hold of Udaipur. We will do our bit. Maan and CK support her. Acharya remarks when women take over the task of saving the world then no problem can befall on that place. A Daasi informs them about Amar. He is back.

Rana Punja fights bravely with the Mughal soldiers. He kills a lot many of them. Only MK is left. Pratap looks on from a distance. Rana Punja and MK fight. Ghazi Khan and Bailol Khan come from behind when Rana Punja holds MK’s neck. Ghazi Khan hits Rana Punja on his head. He faints. Pratap gets angry. He comes out from his hiding place. Ghazi Khan is thrilled to see him. Pratap kills all the soldiers who come in his way. Ghazi Khan had been looking forward to see his enemy. My prayers have been heard!

Precap: Amar coughs and finally faints. Phool is shocked to see froth coming out of his mouth. MK suggests Ghazi to run away. All our soldiers are dead already. This is not a time to show your bravery. Pratap wont spare you all too. Pratap looks at them angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Haha coward MK

  2. Sandeep Singh

    Its not kazi khan…actual name is Ghazi Khan Badakshi, I urge not to distort the names

    1. Pooja

      Thank you Sandeep. 🙂
      I think I heard it wrong. I have corrected it now.

  3. I just love u pratap . Kill all the mughals and later accept phool . All the best.

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