Maharana Pratap 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pratap shocked seeing Meera Maa infront of him. He recalls he met her in his childhood and folds hand to greet her. He apologizes to her. Parwat Das gives sweets to everyone and says Ajabde has made sweets arrangements for everyone as soldiers fought well against Afghans. He looks on as they all start eating the sweets. Chetak runs from the stable and many people try to stop him. The man says Afghan people have attacked, someone go and inform Bai ji lal. Pratap asks Meera Maa what is she seeing like this. She says she is shocked to see what courageous prince who did not bend infront of any challenge has now bent infront of his duty.

He says nothing happened to me, I m fine. She says she can read his eyes. He asks what shall I do. She says you can’t run from

yourself. Meera Maa asks him to face the situation. The soldiers faint. Ajabde and Patta are shocked seeing them. Patta says its dangerous and I think some big plan is done against us. Ajabde’s mum says all soldiers are unconscious in other part of palace. Ajabde asks them not to be tensed and face the situation. Patta says our soldiers are not trained well. She comes to know Afghans have attacked. She asks him to save the weapons. Patta asks who will be with you. She orders him to go. He leaves. She asks Dhanika to take Maa to safe place. Her mum says she won’t go, as she is her mum and can’t leave her alone. Ajabde says fine, we should not get late. Chetak runs to find Pratap.

Patta asks the soldier to find the number of Afghan soldiers. He thinks of Ajabde’s words. Patta kills the Afghan soldiers. He asks did they attack us to execute some other motive as they did not take our weapons. The soldier says palace is attacked. Patta is shocked. Ajabde gets ready to fight with the enemies. Badshah Khan kills many people at the palace. The fight goes on. Ajabde kills Afghans by arrows. Badshah Khan catches the arrow and smiles seeing her. He is impressed by Ajabde saying Pratap has married a brave fool like him. He says he has to kidnap Ajabde before Pratap knows about this attack. He asks Mansood to kidnap Ajabde’s younger brother Balwant first. Maa asks Balwant
to aim well and then shoot.

Pratap tells Meera Maa that promise keeping is first duty for a Rajput and he could not keep his promise given to his mum, he has failed. She says as you also gave promises to your wife in marriage. He recalls the marriage. She says you both are close today because of that promise. He says don’t say this. I m getting confused. She says you know it very well that first you have to protect Bijolia and have to go back. She asks why is his heart stopping him. He says I m unable to understand this.

Badshah asks Mansood to catch Balwant. Meera Maa sings Prem Deewani….Badshah Khan spots Ajabde’s Maa and Balwant and provokes him to come out in open and fight. Ajabde’s Maa asks him to be quiet. Balwant says he is not afraid and goes out. Badshah Khan is glad and catches them. He shows Ajabde to see her mum and brother caught by them. Ajabde is shocked. Badshah Khan asks her to surrender else he will have to kill her mum and brother.

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Update Credit to: H Hasan

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