Maharana Pratap 18th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 18th March 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 18th March 2014 Written Update

Pratap run towards Mamrat ji and mamrat ji says, celebrate on pratap invitation in such type which is not happened earlier. Pratap and ajabdehi struck with each other. Flowers spread everywhere. Pratap reaches there. Mamrat ji says, stop it. Mamrat ji shouts on pratap. Phool comes and says, she is thief, capture him and prison him. Hansa come and give thanks to come. As phool heard the name of pratap, she fells down.
Manga ask from jalal, why are you taking surtan singh with you. Jalal says, he knows every way of bijolia. Pratap says, why she fell down. Mamrat ji again shout on ajabdehi. Hansa says to ajabdehi, show pratap his room. As ajabdehi show the room, jalim singh comes onto way. jalim singh says, what are you doing there?
Bahram khan comes to meet surtan singh. Pratap ask to ajabdehi, why you came in between me and jalim singh. Ajabdehi says, bade data has given prize everyday and due to this phool kanwar wake up. Dassi gives news that phool kanwar wakes up. Pratap says, i am sorry, i should not laugh on her.
Surtan singh laugh on bahram khan. Bahram khan says, i heard that you are going with jalal at bijolia. Say no to jalal. Surtan singh says, i am not you bahram khan. YOu are a runner.
Bahram khan opened his sword and surtan singh says, put down sword, otherwise it will be bad for you.
Ajabdehi prepare the room for pratap and pratap says, please dont do it, i will do by myself. Pratap says, sorry. Ajabdehi says, dont be sorry. I am living like dassi. Pratap ask, your friend said alot against me but why everyone shout on you. Pratap says, when i see you, i thinks about my mother.
Pratap remove necklace from his necklace and then goes from there.
Pratap remove necklace from his necklace and then goes from there. Phool kanwar thinnks about pratap and reaches at near his room and see him. Pratap see her and then phool says, i am coming to bring ajabdehi back. Phool then see the bangles. Pratap capture it. Phool says, dont you think that i cant take this from you. YOu ar guest of my friend.

Precap:- Surtan singh says to jalal, dont you know about him. Jalal says, tell me who is he.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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