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A soldiers ask Pratap who he is and how did he come here. Pratap kills that soldier and holds his body upright. Yaar Begh comes to look for him there. He orders the soldiers to kill anyone whom they see, even if it is a Rajput.

The guy realises taht Kalla hs come here to kill Akbar. Kalla slits his throat and drags him out of Akbar’s tent. Akbar wakes up as the fan stops. He peeks out but cannot see anyone. He senses something and gets alert. He thinks of Kalla and how he had saved him. Did he come here with the motive to kill me? What’s in his mind? Akbar picks up his dagger and lies down again. Kalla comes inside.

Acharya tells the soldiers to cover the space well so no light goes out from here. Jagmal is irked with Chand coughing badly. People will hear it. We will die because

of her. Everyone is angry with him. Jagmal turns to go when they hear the noise of hoofs. They all go quiet. They are in some old village. The houses are in ruins. HA and his troops reach there.

Two soldiers come face to face with Pratap. We think you are the one who we are looking for. You will anyways have to die as our commander has told us to kill every Rajput. Another soldier asks Pratap who he is. Pratap turns, takes out his daggers and attacks them. I am the son of the very motherland where they are standing. Yaar Begh and his troops continue to look for Pratap. All four Rajputs fight bravely with the Mughal soldiers and kill them.

Akbar is all set to retort. Kalla advances very carefully. Akbar has his back to him and is ready to attack at Akbar any second. Pratap notices a few soldiers guarding a particular tent. Surely that Mughal is in there.

US and everyone decide to be prepared to face HA. They douse all the torches. DB holds Chand. HA feels that US and his family will be staying in this ruin only. His soldiers are confused but HA is sure about it. Amar notices them and prays to Ekling ji.

Akbar holds Kalla’s hand in time. Pratap aims his spear at the soldier standing on a highr pedestal and keeping guard of Akbar’s tent. The soldier falls dead on the ground. Yaar Begh and his soldiers surround Pratap. Akbar asks Kalla how he will go back alive now. Kalla wont mind killing him and dying. Akabr is curious. Who are you? Kalla says I am a Rajput and I alone am enough to kill you. Kalla tries to attach him but Akbar holds his hand. Outside, Yaar Begh is stunned to see Pratap holding back all the soldiers with his only sword. He calls for more soldiers. Patta and Jaimal continue their fight. Akbar asks Kalla who all is with him. Kalla pushes him. you think I am scared of death? You think we will let you gain Mewar? No one will let you win Mewar. He holds Akbar’s dagger with his bare hands. You will never be able to win over Mewar. Yaar Begh continues to be scared / tensed. Patta, Vajra Singh and Jaimal ji join Pratap.

HA sends two soldiers inside as not everyone can go inside together. They go in reluctantly.

Pratap kills whoever comes in his way. Akbar warns Kalla that he and his friends wont go out from here alive. He calls out for his soldiers / guards. Kalla fights with all of them singlehandedly. Yaar Begh gets into a fight with Pratap. He gets killed eventually. Pratap decides to go and save Kalla now.

Five soldiers attack Kalla but he sticks to his ground strongly.

The soldiers are scared to go ahead as there might be some ghost inside. They still progress inside. They feel someone’s presence there. They are now sure that someone is surely in here.

Pratap is hiding and noticing what to do so he can reach Kalla fast. Kalla kills all the soldiers who come in his way. A soldier notices Pratap. He is standing behind Pratap. He stealthily starts heading towards Pratap with his sword in his hand. Pratap realises that someone is behind him. He turns to attack but Jaimal ji does so in time. Akbar thinks that Kalla is one of the great fighters of Mewar. The Rajputs continue to kill the Mughal soldiers at every nook and corner.

Pratap is outside Akbar’s tent. He notices all the soldiers holding Kalla. Kalla says don’t even think of considering yourself as India’s Shehanshah till even a kid of Mewar is alive. Popele will mock you. Akbar’s ego is hurt. Pratap decides to do something.

Precap: One of the commanders tells Akbar that some people have entered in their tents. Maybe Pratap is also here. Akbar orders his soldiers to make sure Kalla is not able to flee or he wont spare them. HA and his troops have surrounded US and his family.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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