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Jagmal walks out with a knife in his hand. US, Patta, Ajabde, Maan, Saubhagyawati and Chakrapani are hiding nearby only.US is waiting impatiently. Jagmal is about to head inside (where the effigy is kept) when DB pulls him back. I have a feeling that this is a trap. I saw your father coming here so I stopped you. Jagmal panics. What should I do now? Please hide me somewhere. DB calms him. they both notice US standing at a distance.

US is losing his patience. You are wasting my time and testing my patience. Is this a time to joke? Patta denies. the proof which could prove Pratap’s innocence was going to walk up to this place on its own. Dhaman Singh is alive. US says Pratap had himself told me that he has done the last rites of DS. I am not going to fall for your words now. He leaves from

there and everyone gets sad.

Jagmal hugs his Rani Ma thankfully. You are very good. Normal mothers give birth once but you have rescued me so many times from such problems. DB takes him with her.

AJabde is in tears as she holds Pratap’s hands. He tells her to calm down. You all tried your best to save me. This is enough for me. Ajabde wonders what they will do now. Rawat ji has brought food for him so Pratap suggests Ajabde to leave for now. He has helped me so many times. It isn’t good to make him wait. She leaves reluctantly.

AJabde meets Rawat ji outside. She greets him (calling him Mama sa). If something happens to Pratap then I wont be able to live. She leaves. Rawat ji heads to Pratap’s cell with food. I feel angry seeing the smile on your face. I feel as if you are glad about getting hanged tomorrow morning. Don’t hurt me anymore by smiling like this. Pratap says I am smiling because you have brought a knife with yourself when you have come to meet me here. Rawat ji has brought it to cut the fruits. I have brought them for you. Pratap asks him if he considers him as his son. Rawat ji is upset that even in that case, he wont just go and tell the truth to Rana ji. Pratap says there is something (good) left for that. Please open my hands first so that I can eat. I will explain it then. Rawat ji opens the ropes around Pratap’s hands. Pratap picks up the knife and puts it around Rawat ji’s neck. The benefit is this that you will forgive me for this mistake. Rawat ji is taken aback. You will put a knife around my neck? Pratap apologizes to him. I had no other option. Rawat ji thinks for a minute and then tells him to do it. I can neither see you getting hanged, nor can I see my niece in tears. Put the knife around my neck and do whatever you want to do but hurry up! Both the men nod at each other.

Saubhagyawati gives the news to Ajabde. Pratap is running out of the palace and is trying to run out of the palace by using him as his shield. Ajabde begins to head back to the cell when she thinks of Pratap’s words. She wipes her tears.

Pratap warns the soldiers to stay put or else he will hurt Rawat ji. DB and Jagmal are shocked to hear it. Jagmal wonders what they will do now. Dada bhai will escape this way. All the soldiers make way for Pratap and Rawat ji as soon as they see them. Rawat ji tells Pratap to move the knife a little closer as it is looking a little fake. Pratap obliges.

Maan and Patta too are taken aback to hear the news. Ajabde tells Maan to divert Jagmal for a while. Think of something but do it asap. Maan leaves.

DB sends Jagmal to give the info to Pratap. He only will be able to stop Pratap now. Jagmal runs out. Maan meets him on his way. You will get killed if you are going to complain to father against Dada bhai Pratap. He will somehow escape but you will get caught in the situation. He wont spare you whenever he gets a chance. He will surely kill you this time. Jagmal falls for it. but if I tell everything to father now then he will stop Dada bhai. He will surely be hanged tomorrow then. how will he kill me then?

Jagmal tells US about Pratap escaping from the palace. US picks up his sword angrily.

Pratap reaches the main gate of the palace and calls out for Chetak. Chetak comes there. Rawat ji acts to warn Pratap against it but Pratap sits on CHetak with him. Rawat ji suggests him to throw him off the horse. Let me get a little hurt, its ok. Pratap obliges. Now I will only return with Dhaman Singh. US reaches there just then but Pratap is gone by then. he is concerned for Rawat ji who assures him that he is fine. US is infuriated. No one will move from his place. I myself will go and catch him. Let’s go Rawat ji. Rawat ji denies. I have just fallen from the horse. I am a little hurt. I wont be able to go in this condition. US is surprised. The Rawat ji I know is known to fight in the war, shedding his blood as he fights. It cannot be that you cannot walk after falling down from a normal horse. You will have to come with me.

Ajabde is praying to Kanha ji. All my fears have gone away since I have heard the news about Pratap escaping from the cell. You know that Pratap never leaves any work unfinished. He always completes what he sets his mind to. Now that he has decided to save himself, he will be successful in this too. DB comes there. Ajabde teases her. you have come to pray for Pratap only, right? Actually, you are the one who needs prayers right now. Pratap has made an announcement that he will only return with Dhaman Singh so he will stick to his words. If that happens, then maybe your doubts will prove out to be true that Jagmal is responsible for all of it. Understand the fact that Jagmal isn’t going to live for long in that case. DB looks at her angrily.

Pratap is in the jungle. US and Rawat ji reach a crossroad. US asks him his opinion on the route that Pratap might choose. He then chooses the other route instead which surprises Rawat ji. US remarks that he isn’t feeling like trusting him today. he takes the other route and Rawat ji follows him.

Pratap and US come face to face. US and Rawat ji make him the centre point. US tells rawat ji that if Pratap is able to escape this time (from his side) then he wont believe him anymore. Pratap tells his father that he wont have to lose faith from his trusted people because of him. you have anyways started losing your trust from the people you have been trusting since long, because of small reasons. US, Pratap and Rawat ji get down from their respective horses. US gives a sword to Pratap. Rawat ji tries to intervene but US tells him against it. this fight is between a father and a son, a kind and a fugitive.

US and Pratap start sword fighting. Pratap gets hurt in the process but US asks him to prove it if he is his son. the fight continues. Rawat ji tries to stop US but in vain. Pratap too tells Rawat ji to stay out of it. I too am feeling proud today that I am Rana US’s son. Chetak runs, finds a rope and throws it in between US and Pratap. He waits till US’s foot is inside it. US suggests Pratap to surrender or he will only be responsible for the consequences. Pratap insists upon bringing DS back first. US reminds him that DS is dead. Chetak pulls the rope as soon as US’s foot is in the trap. US falls. Rawat ji rushes to his side while Pratap escapes with Chetak. US continues to tell Rawat ji to catch Pratap but Rawat ji continues to focus on him instead. Pratap runs away by then. US gets angry. You let him go!

Precap: Pratap returns to the jail and gets himself arrested once again. DB tells Jagmal that he was right. Go and kill DS. Pratap takes bath and gets ready. He heads out with all the soldiers where people are continuously shouting in his support. The executioner puts the rope around Pratap’s neck.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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